The Finals players show off incredible solutions to recent nuke meta nerfs

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Recent updates to The Finals saw the developers take some controversial action against the game’s nuke meta – but it seems players are now fighting back with brand new ways to cause explosive mayhem in the online shooter.

If you’ve been following online shooter The Finals over the last few weeks, you may be familiar with what’s been dubbed the ‘nuke meta’ – where players have made powerful explosive devices cobbled together by combining gadgets with explosive barrels and items in the world, then chucking the resultant bomb to cause masses of destruction in the map. While certainly fun, it causes a lot of chaos due to its over-effectiveness and of course the game’s bespoke destructive scenery. However, changes in the game’s most recent patch seemed like they were primed to curtail this behaviour somewhat, with developer Embark studios mentioning in the 1.5 patch notes that they’d toned down players throwing distance, and nerfed the explosive power of these items.

However, now a number of threads have appeared in the game’s subreddit of players who’ve come up with new ingenious versions of the ‘nuke’ to cause equal chaos and destruction once more. First up, mnp_studios showcased what they’ve dubbed the ‘Snail Nuke’ – as they pile explosives onto a red canister before activating it. Unlike previously, where it would shoot across the map, it now starts moving slowly, before exploding. “I imagine sitting in a small room with the cashout then seeing this thing slowly make its way in through the only door and kaboom” says Team_player444. “People deserve to die if they get hit by that. Lmao” replies TheCowhawk and “Imagine seeing a heavy launch that and then watching the cylinder slowly flying past you like some sort of slow motion matrix scene.” laughs NimblePasta.

It’s not the only high explosive alternative players have come up with either – sharing ways to maximise their explosiveness in another thread showing off the nuke meta nerfs – and it seems red cylinders are the key. “It’s still quite oppressive I won’t lie, but you have to be more precise with your throwing skills now the damage has been nerfed quite hard,” reveals Arrench_numb2. “One way to make it more accurate is to put a C4 evenly on both sides of the canister towards the ‘booster’ end of it. This will keep it from spinning off course.” is the advice given by TheSpaceAlpaca.

We’ll have to see if the developers decide to make more changes to the game’s nuke meta – and if players find any other ways around it. For now, check out our handy The Finals ranks guide to the ranked tournament and its leaderboards. Elsewhere, The Finals players are already hot for these additions in the game’s latest update.