The Finals players freak out at this hilarious character glitch

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Like every other popular live service game currently in the market, Embark Studios’ The Finals also has its fair share of issues that typically affect the game in myriad ways. Though some can undoubtedly be frustrating to deal with, other bugs are harmless and often hilarious, such as the latest graphical character glitch that has somehow turned the typically bulky Heavy class into a lanky, humanized version of the nightmarish Slenderman.

Though this graphical bug in no way affects your best Heavy build loadout in The Finals, it has seemingly temporarily changed the community’s perception of the game’s tanky class, as evidenced by several comments below a particular Reddit thread. Following one player’s rare encounter with who they call “Slim Sledgy,” several fans wasted no time reacting to the unnatural glitch, as one commenter merely labeled the character’s towering silhouette as “terrifying.”

Predictably enough, other players couldn’t help but compare Slim Sledgy to a similarly gangly basketball personality in the San Antonio Spurs’ generational talent, Victor Wembanyama. “Wemby Sledge,” one player called it, while another noted: “[The game] got a Wemby class.” On the other hand, some fans were more poetic about the long-limbed avatar’s appearance, as an Eminem fan recited the opening lyrics to The Real Slim Shady, albeit with one thematic lyrical tweak.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear whether the player who encountered Slim Sledgy in The Finals was able to bring the lanky character glitch into a match. It’s safe to say, though, that since this was merely a bug, it likely would have vanished as soon as the game was refreshed, making the hilarious encounter a fleeting one.

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