The Finals players demand individual ranks for each class

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One of the best things about The Finals is getting together with two friends and powering through ranked to climb up the rankings. But with a particular meta going strong, you might not really want to stray too far from that and play a different class. That has sparked one Reddit user to ask for separate ranks for every class.

In the post from u/BHPhreak, they say “I really want to play light in ranked but I really don’t want to play light in ranked you feel me dog? Let me get a [sic] individual ranking for each class”.

And we can definitely see where they’re coming from. Right now, it feels Medium and Heavy builds dominate the meta thanks to their high health pools and defensive capabilities. It feels like going up against a team with even one Light build is basically a death wish. But for those of us who love playing Light builds, you can either never play them in ranked, or essentially doom yourself to a loss most of the time.

Replies to the post certainly echo that sentiment. “Honestly a rank for each class is not a bad idea.” commented u/iBlooby, while u/Affectionate_Map2761 replied “This is something I can get with. No damn class locks to make people be one thing or the other – just class rank”.

Some users were even coming up with incentives to help push players to aim for those higher ranks, such as u/ShyGuySkino. “Dope idea. And for those that hit diamond they can pick one thing from the class they diamond. This way you have people pushing for diamond in each class.” they added.

While it’s all well and good asking for it to be added, u/gianoooos was quick to point out that there could be issues implementing it. “If you reach diamond at medium you are definitely good at the game so if you play as a light in ranked (and your light is at bronze) you will face other bronze players” they argued, saying that an MMR system would need to be added to make sure you can’t smurf in lower ranks.

There’s definitely a lot to think about if it came to implementing this into the game, and Embark would need to make sure it’s done right. But even so, it’s a hugely popular change and one that we would love to see make it into the game, if at least to finally give us Light players a chance to play a bit more ranked.