The Finals Players Are Split Over the Battle Pass’ Size


  • Players of The Finals are divided over the battle pass, with some finding it slow and impossible to finish.
  • The battle pass system in The Finals has been compared to Apex Legends and Fortnite, with some players suggesting it needs improvement.
  • While some players criticized the battle pass, others were satisfied with how it currently works and didn’t want it to be too easy to finish.

Players of the free-to-play extraction shooter The Finals are divided over the current state of the game’s battle pass. While some claimed they were perfectly fine with how the system worked, others said it was slow to progress through and that at some point the battle pass becomes impossible to finish.

Released earlier this month by the Stockholm-based Embark Studios, The Finals has become a massive hit among FPS fans, with the title consistently placing in Steam’s top ten most played games. Many fans feel that The Finals offers satisfying action and great gunplay, but it also inherited many aspects of a modern live-service release, including a battle pass. These paid progression systems can provide players with a deep sense of achievement when implemented correctly, or they can become dull, soulless grinds that offer no meaningful rewards. It seems like players of The Finals cannot decide where the shooter’s current battle pass system falls under.


The Unwritten Rules of The Finals Explained

The Finals has exploded in popularity since it debuted on December 7, but there are quite a few unspoken rules to know before playing.

In a recent post on The Finals subreddit, a user told fellow community members that the game’s battle pass would not be sustainable because it took too long to finish. The player, who revealed that they were at level 70 of The Finals‘ 96-stage pass after playing for 67 hours, also claimed that the battle pass would become impossible to finish past a certain point in a season because the progress for weekly missions did not carry over. They then mentioned the battle passes of Apex Legends and Fortnite, which supposedly could be completed even a day before they would end.

Some community members agreed with the sentiments the user expressed, but others criticized the takes. One commenter pointed out that there were still more than two months left to complete the current battle pass, which costs $9.99 or 1,150 of The Finals‘ Multibucks paid in-game currency. Another user said that they were happy with how the current system worked and that they would not like it if the battle pass could be finished within a month.

Several community members put forward their own ideas to improve The Finals‘ battle pass system, with someone suggesting that the title could take a page from Halo: Infinite and adopt battle passes that never expired and could be completed at any time. While Halo: Infinite has repeatedly let down its audience in the past, players have praised developer 343 Industries for its decision not to follow industry trends when it came to the game’s battle pass system.

Criticism over the battle pass could put some pressure on Embark Studios, which is already looking at a cheating problem in The Finals. Whether or not the developer actually makes changes to its rewards system, many players will likely still continue to play The Finals for the thrilling and intense action it promises.

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The Finals

Framed as a game show, The Finals is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that also supports melee combat. Embark’s FPS emphasizes destruction along with teamwork.

December 8, 2023

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Embark Studios

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