The Finals players are not okay with blowing themselves up with RPGs

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One of the most iconic weapons in The Finals is the rocket launcher. Whether you’re levelling buildings with it, or are the one getting blown up yourself, you can’t deny that it’s a major part of the game. But while blowing up other players, some fans are a little miffed about how often they find their RPGs blowing themselves up too.

In a post on The Finals subreddit, u/RollChi questioned why the RPG does as much as 252 self-damage. They point out that when shooting an opposing player even 10 feet away, you can deal 100 damage to your opponent at more than 200 damage to yourself, and how that just doesn’t seem right.

Self-damage is present when using the RPG for a good reason. This stops you from just running up to an opposing player and blowing them up at close range, while stopping yourself from being killed too. But we can see how frustrating it can be to be killed by a rocket that’s seemingly nowhere near you while an opponent right next to it can survive.

Many commenters shared OP’s sentiment, with u/Moist_Wonton stating “I’m fine with it doing more [damage] but the range is insane. I shoot at someone’s feet and they take 80 damage while I take 180 from 8m away. It’s so dumb.”

Even so, some fans were more than happy with how self-damage currently works in the game, arguing it’s a fair trade for the ability to potentially one-hit enemies. One commenter argued that it “sounds like an even trade-off, someone gets the jump on you so you have to decide tot either blow them up along with yourself, or take your death like anyone else that doesn’t have a free panic button”.

While many commenters were arguing over the potential balance changes that could be made, some were just happy to play into how ridiculously fun the weapon can be. “They loaded the explosive backwards”, says u/Compulsive_Criticism. Meanwhile, u/Joebebs replied that they “feel like I’m in a looney tunes segment where someone rotated rpg pointed towards me”.

It looks like fans can see both the pros and the cons of how the RPGs currently work in-game. While we think self-damage is a must to stop players from abusing RPGs, a small reduction in the self-damage range could be a good compromise. Either way, Heavy players are going to have to put up with blowing themselves up for the time being and just hope the next patch brings some changes.