The Finals player concocts ingenious traversal method you need to see

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A player of The Finals has shown off their daring way of traversing the map in a new video shared with the shooter’s community – and we have to tip our hats to them.

A user by the name of ThatGuyDes showcased their prowess in a video posted to The Finals subreddit, as they stood precariously upon an explosive canister on top of a roof, before deciding to shoot the canister they were standing on – carefully. Rather than instantly explode at their feet, the canister shot off and the player managed to surf the canister across the map to the capture flag, right behind an unsuspecting opponent who assumed they were safe behind a goo wall and taking them out.

Many of the game’s community were impressed by the feat in the video – including those responding in the thread. “Welp, Rocket jumping is back,” – says DraughtMarrow50. “Game gets a 20/20 for creativity” adds Ground_Technical. Some – such as BitrateBraap – even went so far as to say “I f******g love this game,” and MrAaronBaron surely isn’t alone in the sentiment “Ayo, I’m gonna try this now!”

But as a few people in the thread noted and discussed with the OP, it’s not quite as easy as it looks. “I’m not 100% sure but I think that shooting the cap or top part almost always sets it off after a single shot,” claimed ImperatorIustinus. “Haven’t tried riding one yet tho.” “You’re correct,” responded the OP, ThatGuyDes. “To ride it though you need to be standing on the opposite side, and when it’s on an incline it’s really hard to shoot the cap.” Some theorised that it could be pulled off with a melee attack, but after experimentation it seems that’s more likely to make you slip off, and it takes 3 hits to pop off – so it seems shooting is the trick.

We’ll see if the advice will result in us seeing more people flying across the map on their explosive rides – but for now we’ll just keep our eyes to the skies and watch out for flying players on explosive cylinders in the skies of the Finals. In the meantime, The Finals devs have promised to address player ‘pain points’ soon while the Finals players have found their new favorite weapon for the current meta.