The Finals nerfed Defibrillator has the community divided

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The Finals Season 2 has arrived and it has brought many changes to the game, including a new map, weapons, equipment, and abilities, as well as various changes to existing mechanics. One mechanic that has been changed in The Finals is the revive system using the Defibrillator.

Previously, it instantly revived the player and brought them back into the fight. This was both good and bad because while it meant that teammates weren’t in harm’s way while reviving, it also could mean that the revived player didn’t have time to regain their bearings and figure out the situation around them before being targeted by enemies.

With the Season 2 update, it will now take three seconds for the player to be revived and able to jump back into the action. But, during the revive period you can now freely look around which can give you insight as to whether enemies are around you or not and what to expect once you regain control of your character.

Image via Embark Studios

This change has divided the community, with some seeing it as a nerd while others see it as a buff. In a Reddit post, players discussed the pros and cons of the new change. U/Luis_angel_lh said that they “wouldn’t call this a nerf, this rework is exactly what the game needed to combat an annoying mechanic that gets both the reviver and the resurrected killed immediately if they just try to revive in the middle of a gunfight.” U/RonnieWhitedX echoed this sentiment saying “Now I get to actually have a moment to realize I’m being revived before suddenly being revived? This is more of a neutral fix for the defib.”

However, not all players agreed with the changes. U/Conn-Solo made the point that this change takes away the purpose of instant revives to help level the playing field when outnumbered in an engagement saying, “You can’t revive in combat anymore and it’s impossible to win a 1v2 then revive afterwards with the nerf. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run.”

Whether this change to the Defibrillator in The Finals turns out to be good or not remains to be seen. But, with Season 2 of The Finals shaking up the game, now is a good time to discover what the best weapons in ranked mode are so you can stay ahead of the curve.