The Finals fans share ingenious new weapon idea the devs could actually make

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The Finals is one of the best multiplayer games out right now thanks to its chaotic and thrilling gameplay. It also has the distinction of developers who actually listen to the community and implement new additions and improvements based on feedback. Seeing as how Embark actually listens to fans, one player has shared an ingenious new weapon skin idea The Finals devs could actually implement.

Embark Studios recently shared patch notes for The Finals update 2.3.0. This update has brought balance changes to FAMAS, and it also coincides with the release of the free Skill Issue skin that is only available through Discord Quest for a limited time. If you want more freebies, there is no time limit for getting a bundle that includes two Epic outfits and 12 weapon skins for free.

While skins are always appreciated, there is much love for new weapons, too. Season 2 introduced new weapons and gadgets for Light, Medium, and Heavy classes, but fans have begun sharing their own ideas thanks to Embark actually taking them into consideration.

The Finals fans share new melee weapon skin idea

Over on Reddit, fans of The Finals have been sharing weapon skin ideas for the game. One of the more popular ideas previously shared was cardboard riot shields, and a Season 2 store update actually added this item much to the delight of the online community. Embark even went above and beyond adding cardboard guns.

In addition to cardboard riot shields, the online community has also been imploring Embark to add a spoon as a weapon. And, in what is actually happening, The Finals devs have teased the addition of the deadly weapon that will crack skulls like eggs in place of the sledgehammer for the Heavy class.

Now, fully aware that Embark is listening to fans, the community is pushing the boundaries of what they can actually influence. If a spoon in place of the sledgehammer can actually happen, then surely there’s no reason why Embark can’t add a skin that turns a sword of steel into a sword of white board pens.

This is an idea shared on Reddit by user Burnt_Ivory_King. Just the image alone recalls days in school where bored pupils would make easily breakable towers by connecting the bottoms and tops of pens instead of learning maths.

Continuing the school theme, one of the top replies suggests ‘Make a Calculator skin for the C4 and a Playdough skin for the Goo gun’. Another amusing shared by fans is ‘Crayon throwing knives’.

There are lots of cool weapon and skin ideas shared on the game’s subreddit as well as thefinals Discord channel. A lot of them sadly don’t become reality, but some of them have inspired the devs as pointed out by the cardboard riot shield and teased comically large spoon.

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