The Finals fans label gun ‘stupid’ and completely unfair to other players

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Like every other multiplayer game and shooter, there are lots of aspects fans love about The Finals, but then there are some balancing issues and weapons that fans absolutely loathe. Season 2 potentially introduced the worst weapon with the KS-23 slug shotgun, but there’s another gun fans of The Finals have labeled ‘stupid’ in complaints that it is unfair to other players.

You can find The Finals update 2.1.0 patch notes online to see all of Embark’s recent fixes and tweaks. It provided nerfs for the SA1216, but it sadly didn’t buff a specific terrible weapon that is even useless with headshots. In addition to the patch, there was also a store update that added an item wanted by fans.

While the KS-23 shotgun has received most of the online community’s ire with fans lambasting it as ‘awful,’ attention has also turned negatively to the stun gun.

The Finals stun gun is ‘stupid’

Reddit OP, Poshcrow, has uploaded a post declaring that the stun gun in The Finals is stupid. Their post says ‘Heavies can’t one shot lights with the rocket launcher but lights can just instantly kill anyone with a sledgehammer’ by first stunning them and making it impossible for the other player to ‘move, change weapons, switch equipment’.

One of the top replies says ‘F**k them stunners’. This comes with fellow commentors saying that players and teams need to group on the stunner as going alone only offers bad news. One person replied that the ‘stun gun is really powerful because too many people don’t care about staying grouped’.

While a lot of Reddit replies agree with the sentiment about the stun gun being unfair and too OP, one user offered some advice for sledgehammer players. Their reply says ‘When you get stunned, instantly smash the ground beneath your feet and fall to the next level, then get ready to heavy swing at the hole you just fell through because there’s a good chance the light will jump down into the swing and give you an easy kill’.

This advice was backed up by another sledgehammer player who says they ‘also carry pyro and explosive mines so once I get to the bottom floor I run straight to the stairs and throw some mines down on my way up’.

As for what Embark should do about the weapon, one user theorized that ‘the stun gun would be less frustrating if it couldn’t be used from stealth given that it seems to be completely random if a person in stealth is actually visible’. To this, a user replied ‘Stun gun + Invis is just so cheap… It’s the one remaining mechanic I wish they’d get rid of’.

Lastly, while the vast majority of replies agree with disliking the stun gun, one user says that the issues for sledgehammer players are ‘literally just a drawback of using melee’ because of the range disadvantage.

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