The Finals devs tease limited-time game mode may “stick around”

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Following its launch as part of update 1.5.0, The Finals developer Embark Studios has teased that the limited-time Solo Bank It game mode may “stick around” longer than previously anticipated. However, its addition to the destructive shooter seemingly depends on the community reception it receives, as the game’s CX Lead said: “Maybe it’ll be great and stick around! Maybe it’ll need work and come back better. Maybe y’all [will] hate it and just agree as a grouo [sic] to pretend it never happened. Whatever the outcome, it’s gonna be fun to find out!”

Of course, the new limited-time game mode isn’t the only reason that The Finals 1.5 patch notes are a hit with players, as the latest update also introduces plenty of balance changes that keep its exciting gameplay fresh. Unsurprisingly, however, the news that Solo Bank It could stick around for the foreseeable future has excited numerous players the most since it brings a fresh new take to the typical experience the game has provided so far.

In addition, the developers’ proactive communication through the game’s Discord server has predictably received plenty of plaudits from the community. Over on Reddit, numerous users are commending the team’s constant updates and announcements, with one player noting: “The communication from them is so good. I was wondering this after the announcement and am happy they are going to see if it works and then decide.”

But, as mentioned above, it’s important to remember that the addition of Solo Bank It to The Finals’ list of game modes remains unconfirmed at this time, so you’ll have to stay tuned until the developers confirm it. While you wait, take a look at our pages on how to use arena carriables in The Finals, The Finals achievements and trophy list, and The Finals battle pass rewards list for more on the game.