The Finals dev should heed ‘best idea ever’ for melee from fans

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The Finals developer Embark Studios are terrific at regularly updating the game on a consistent weekly basis. In addition to implementing their own ideas, they are great at listening to feedback and wishes from fans. They’ve shown before with store items that they are always listening to the community, and The Finals devs should heed the amazing idea fans have for melee

Fans can check out the update 2.4.0 patch notes. This is the most recent patch from Embark, and it provides significant bug fixes and QoL improvements. As for extra content, fans believe the update possibly teases a new incoming game mode for the next update. Patch 2.4.0 also came out in conjunction with a new community event to win a historic and stylish Hi-Fi Boombox.

The possibility of a new incoming game mode is hella exciting, but so too is the possibility of new weapons and skins. Embark has teased the addition of a deadly new melee weapon everyone owns in their home, but fans would like to see the developer add more melee animations.

The Finals fans want custom melee animations

Over on Reddit, user Dog-head has shared the idea of adding custom melee animations to The Finals. Their idea opens with the desire of Embark adding ‘unlockable karate chops, left hooks, Nama Tama plushie swings, and mighty boot kicks’. In addition to these animations, it’s also suggested that the player should have the ability to randomize them.

In the replies, many fans unanimously agree that it would be great to see from Embark. One of the top replies says custom melee animations is ‘Legit the best idea I’ve read on the sub’. Many users echoed this sentiment saying ‘This is a great idea’ and that it’s ‘amazing’ as well as a diamond in the rough, too.

As for custom animations in addition to what the OP suggested, some of the replies fantasize about a spartan kick for the Heavy class as well as headbutting and a slap melee.

It is an intriguing proposal, and it would be curious to see how Embark would implement custom animations. Right now there is a clear desire for something more than just elbows.

Fans shouldn’t get hopes up that it is something Embark will definitely deliver, but they have shown in the past that they listen to fans and implement ideas occasionally based on their wants.

While the community has been divided lately over a huge change to contracts in update 2.4.0, this is an idea that has brought fans together. Just the idea of booting opposing players in the chest or slapping them across the face is enough to make someone smile with want.

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The Finals is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.