The Finals community can’t believe this class is the least played out of all three

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Every class in Embark Studios’ The Finals has its own strengths and weaknesses, making each one a vital part of any team. But, much like any live service game that lets players choose from a selection of classes, one often becomes underappreciated and underplayed, which, in this case, is the slow and bulky Heavy class.

Now, it isn’t exactly a surprise that the game’s tanky type is the least played out of all three since people often prefer deadlier and more mobile alternatives. Hence, you’ll often see most players use their best Light build loadouts or the best Medium build loadouts in The Finals matches. But since the Heavy class causes heaps of destruction in the game and is arguably the most enjoyable to play, some community members have a hard time believing it’s the least played class.

Over on Reddit, one player incredulously asked the fan base: “Only 13% of y’all play Heavy??” after discovering that only a small number of players had completed the game’s Heavy class-themed Steam achievement. Of course, this prompted plenty of reactions from the subreddit’s equally surprised community, as a commenter said: “I bounce between Medium and Heavy a lot, depending on what I’m feeling. I definitely prefer the versatility of Medium, but Heavy is always a great time.”

However, another player pointed out a much more disappointing revelation from this stat, as they noted: “The actual sad truth to take away from this information is that most [people] quit the game before they got to 10 games on any class. That’s why all classes have their 10-game achievements around 20%.” It is still worth noting that the Light and Medium classes’ completion percentages for their 10-game achievements are reportedly sitting at 21.1% and 26.7%, respectively, so the differences between each one are still glaring.

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