The Finals community calls for adjustment to C4 and canister tactics

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The Finals, a popular online multiplayer shooter, has been experiencing growing pains as players raise concerns about the C4 and canister combo, a tactic leading to instant kills and growing frustration within the community.

Players have pinpointed the combination of C4 explosives with canisters or other carryable objects as a potent and perhaps overpowered strategy. This combo allows players to eliminate opponents instantly, significantly impacting the game’s balance and play experience. The versatility of C4, allowing it to attach to various objects and create lethal traps, has made it a focal point for player grievances.

Following a post by Reddit user EasyAntiYeet, players have actively discussed the implications of the C4/canister strategy. The community has expressed dissatisfaction and offered potential solutions, such as adjusting the physics of carryables when combined with C4 or changing how C4 interacts with objects in the game. These suggestions aim to preserve the fun and fairness of The Finals without stripping away the creativity it offers.

via Reddit – u/EasyAntiYeet

While The Finals has been praised for its destructible environments and innovative gameplay, issues like this highlight the challenges of balancing a dynamic and highly interactive game world. Embark Studios has acknowledged various gameplay issues and made adjustments in response to community feedback. Recent updates have seen tweaks to explosives, including the C4 gadget, indicating the developers’ commitment to iterative balance changes.

As The Finals continues to evolve, the way Embark Studios addresses the C4 and canister combo will be a testament to their responsiveness to community feedback and dedication to maintaining a balanced competitive environment. Players remain hopeful that their voices will lead to a more balanced, enjoyable gameplay experience, ensuring The Finals remains a favorite in the competitive FPS landscape.

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