The Division 2’s Next Expansion Has Been Delayed to 2025

The Division 3 might be in development, but its predecessor still seems to have plenty of life left in it. The Division 2 has continued to receive new seasonal content nearly five years on from its launch, while a full-fledged new expansion is also currently in the works. As it turns out, however, it’s going to launch later than originally planned.

Ubisoft recently announced the Project Resolve update for The Division 2, described as “a comprehensive seasonal update focused on health and quality-of-life” to prepare the game for future content. And while the update is clearly going to make significant improvements to the experience, the work being done on it has resulted in a delay for the game’s next big expansion.

“Initiating Project Resolve meant our team needed to build a solid foundation, which has affected some of our previously announced plans,” Radu Nedea, lead producer at Ubisoft Bucharest, explained in a recently uploaded announcement video. “Following the current season, Year 5 Season 3: Vanguard will release in February 2024, which will include the health updates from Project Resolve in full, as well as the normal seasonal content you expect, like a new Manhunt, Season Pass, and Apparel Event.

“This does mean we have made the tough decision to move the DLC release to 2025.”

As mentioned previously, Ubisoft also announced earlier this year that The Division 3 had entered development, while The Division Resurgence and The Division Heartland are also in the works, so fans of the franchise clearly have plenty to look forward to in the coming years.