The Day Before Steam Keys are Selling For $300 on Third-Party Reseller Sites

Considering all the controversy surrounding zombie shooter The Day Before, it should be no surprise that the game has earned a certain level of notoriety. As caught by Kotaku, while the game is no longer available to purchase on Steam, those curious about the title can buy Steam keys for The Day Before from unauthorised third-party resellers.

Considering the scarcity of a game that can no longer be officially purchased, keys for the game are quite pricey at these resellers, with some listings going for more than $300. These keys should theoretically work fine in allowing buyers to redeem the game on Steam. However, considering the game’s current status, exactly how long anyone will be able to play it before its servers are shut down is currently unknown.

Sales of The Day Before was pulled from Steam earlier this month following a fair bit of controversy surrounding its release. Originally pitched as an open-world survival MMORPG, the game instead turned out to be an extraction shooter with mindless zombies as its primary enemies. The game had seen quite a bit of negative reviews on launch, and at the time of writing, its reviews are currently rated on Steam as Overwhelmingly Negative, with 23,771 user reviews on its store page.

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