The Biggest Challenge For Insomniac’s X-Men Game is its Roster


  • Insomniac’s upcoming X-Men game faces the challenge of standing out among a saturated market of superhero games.
  • Choosing the right roster of X-Men characters for the game is a crucial decision that will greatly impact the game’s appeal and reception.
  • While there are plenty of newer X-Men with interesting powers that could shine from a gameplay standpoint, longtime fans may be disappointed if classic Mutants do not appear.

When it comes to Insomniac’s planned X-Men game, the biggest obstacle that it will face is an inescapable choice of who to place on the team’s roster. Considering the sheer amount of superhero games released in recent years, with more on the way, an X-Men game will need something special in order to stand out. However, in order to reach that level, there are a lot of important decisions that have to be made first. The right call could help to elevate the game, especially if it resonates with fans. Of course, nothing will be set in stone for some time, so speculation should be expected.

In the wake of Insomniac’s upcoming games being leaked, an X-Men game was among the planned titles, alongside other Marvel names. Since it has been over a decade since the last X-Men game, not counting ensemble games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the idea is a welcome treat for fans of the series. At the same time, the wait also enhances the pressure that Insomniac’s X-Men will be under. Since the wait for the game was so long, the expectations of fans will only increase. Hopefully, Insomniac’s game will succeed in bringing one of Marvel’s biggest teams back into the gaming sphere, but the studio has to make sure that team is comprised of characters fans want to see.


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Insomniac Must Put a Lot of Thought Into Their X-Men Game’s Roster

Team art from All-New X-Men #1

There Are Too Many X-Men to Fit in Insomniac’s Game

One thing that sets X-Men apart from Insomniac’s mature-toned Wolverine game is the expectation for the playable cast. While Wolverine regularly operates solo, the X-Men are a team, so the game will need to reflect that. Where this gets complicated is the sheer amount of members that the X-Men have had over the years. The team has been through many incarnations, with members changing between and even during these periods. The series’ roster is among the biggest in comic books, and that presents an issue for Insomniac’s game. When it comes to building the team, Insomniac can’t put everyone from the comics in the game.

The Classic X-Men Are Practically Shoo-Ins For the Roster

Across the series, there are many famous X-Men who could probably carry a solo game. These would be the members who are either the longest-lasting or most famous, and it’s hard to imagine an X-Men game without them. Some notable names would be:

  • Wolverine
  • Cyclops
  • Storm
  • Jean Grey
  • Rogue
  • Nightcrawler
  • Iceman

These X-Men icons feel like natural additions to the team in any game. While they are mainstays, sticking solely with these long-running characters can make the game feel less innovative. While the game will undoubtedly need many classic characters, it would also benefit from adding some new blood to the roster.

Insomniac Should Give Some New X-Men Members a Chance to Shine

There are many X-Men members who haven’t had the chance to shine yet, either because past X-Men video games never featured them, or they have only been used sparingly. For example, Rasputin IV debuted in 2023 and has an amazing mix of powers from other mutants, and would benefit from a gaming debut. Other lesser-used characters like Gentle, Glob Herman, and Boom-Boom could also benefit from such a notoriety boost, similar to what Magik got from Midnight Suns. Insomniac’s X-Men may not be able to fill the roster with a lot of newer or underused characters, but adding a few would help give the game a unique roster.

The selection of team members will be one of the most vital parts of Insomniac’s X-Men game. While X-Men appearances in the Wolverine game would be a fun treat, it pales in comparison to actually playing as the characters. It’s a near-certainty that the game’s playable cast will feature plenty of the most classic X-Men characters, but it will be exciting to see what lesser-used or completely new characters end up benefiting from the exposure. The roster of Insomniac’s X-Men will be one of the most impactful decisions that the developers make.