The Best Wolverine Deck In Marvel Snap

Wolverine is not only one of the most popular members of the X-Men, but he’s also one of the most cherished heroes in Marvel’s enormous roster of great characters. With so many great projects work, including a starring role alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, in Deadpool & Wolverine later this year, and a brand-new solo game, brought to life by the talented developers at Insomniac Games, which was unfortunately leaked earlier this year. In short, Wolverine looks to be showing no sign of slowing down.


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That popularity and strong Marvel Snap card make Wolverine a great choice for many decks thanks to his versatility, but what exactly is the strongest Wolverine deck out there right now? Why not take a read below and find out?

The Best Deck for Wolverine

Destroy, and Destroy Again.

Marvel Snap Wolverine Deck 12 Deck Cards

While Wolverine is a versatile card, the Destroy-themed decks are where the card truly shines. Pairing him with other low-level but high-impact unkillable cards is where Wolverine truly shines, with the likes of Venom and Knull both benefiting from his death, while Wolverine not only remains on the board but continues to get even stronger thanks to gaining a +2 to his power every time he is killed.







Nico Minoru
























Arnim Zola









The deck thrives on getting out the player’s low-cost cards and continuing to kill them. In turn, this stacks up Knull, depletes Death’s cost continues to boost Deadpool, and Wolverine, and grants bonus energy thanks to X-23’s ability. The increased destruction of the deck on the field leaves the potential for a fair few closing options for the game, whether that be a Zola duplicating a heavily Buffed Knull with the destruction, or splitting Venom and having him feast on two lanes, with a strong Wolverine remaining in play throughout.

Here’s a quick rundown of the cards and what they bring to the deck:

  • Deadpool, X-23 & Wolverine are the foundations of the deck, laid out early to be repeatedly punished to strengthen not only them but also the late-game deck.
  • Nico, Carnage, Deathlok, Killmonger, and Venom aim to kill the cards in play, granting bonus energy and increasing the power on both cards and late-game hands.
  • Nico Minoru & Hulkbuster help beef up the early cards by adding to their total power, works best on Deadpool, with his power doubling on each death, but still effective on X-23 & Wolverine.
  • Knull & Death benefit heavily from the continued destruction of the deck, leading to Death often costing 0/low energy and Knull stacking up a hefty amount of total power to win lanes.
  • Arnim Zola has the option to duplicate and devastate two lanes with high power thanks to reactivating a buffed Venom in other lanes.

How To Play Wolverine

Suns Out, Claws Out

An image of Wolverine in his classic yellow and blue costume from Marvel Comics.

Playing Wolverine is all about getting him on the field as quickly as possible. Once on the field, he can be subject to a barrage of attacks, which in turn continually increase the power of the card. Due to his ability, Wolverine is almost indestructible, meaning cards high in use, like Gambit, will only make the card stronger.

Key things to note:

  • Wolverine’s ability only works in hand and on the field. If hit by Yondu, or Lamentis -1 Wolverine will be discarded and not enter play.
  • On death, players cannot control which lane he will land in unless other lanes are filled, or blocked off by cards like Professor X.
  • If hit by Arnim Zola, the original copy of Wolverine will regenerate, meaning three copies of a buffed Wolverine will be in play.
  • Since his ability is active as soon as he is drawn, being hit by cards like Moon Knight or Silver Samurai means he can enter the board for free with a +2 from the off.

Other Cards That Synergize Well

Other Weapons In The Armory

Marvel Snap Destroyer Galactus MODOK Colleen Wing

While the destroy deck sees Wolverine at his peak, his versatility and strong ability make him a great card to use in a range of decks. Certain decks that feature Destroyer or Galactus can see the card hit by a board sweep, gaining power but also remaining in play, a big perk if ending a final turn on Galactus.

With Wolverine’s ability being effective in a player’s hand, he can also slot nicely into discard decks, with the likes of Colleen Wing nearly guaranteeing to hit him and drop him into play for free with a plus two. In the same way, a MODOK hand sweep will also guarantee his play and buff straight onto the board. It’s worth noting there are a lot of strong discard cards at the moment, but the card would make an alternate pick to catch opponents off guard.

Best Locations For Wolverine

Frequent Visits Advised

Marvel Snap Locations Destroy Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the few cards that benefit heavily from locations and there are a great number of locations out there that truly bring out the best in him and a deck he compliments. Seeing the likes of Danger Room or Murderworld can help set up a buff to the card early on.

Other locations can be even more paramount, with Death’s Domain, Alter of Death, and Rickety Bridge being excellent locations to bring out the card. Not only do these locations kill Wolverine, allowing him to regenerate and gain +2, but they also can see him remain in the location, which, unless an opponent’s deck is built to handle such locations, can almost guarantee players an easy lane win off the bat.

How to Counter Wolverine

Put A Stopper In Death

Marvel Snap Shadow King Professor X Cosmo Armor Wolverine Counter

Despite Wolverine’s indestructible nature, the card still has counters out there that users of the card should be aware of. To get the most out of Wolverine players are going to need to be repeatedly killing the card, so cards like Cosmo and Armor can not only shut down lanes for players, which not only locks down Wolverine, but it also has a big impact on the deck.

The same goes for cards like Professor X who will shut down a lane, and prevent cards from being affected by destruction effects. Another key card that isn’t used as much at the moment but can cause problems is Shadow King, reverting a buffed Wolverine and Venom to their original 2 and 3 powers.

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