May 29, 2023

Do you bear in mind the Skeletal Horses from Breath of the Wild? They’re nonetheless right here in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the method to search out one is comparatively easy. If you wish to relive your goals of driving round like a headful Horseman, right here’s the way to get the Skeletal Horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

The place to search out Skeletal Horses in Tears of the Kingdom

An NPC named Toffa will tip you off. He’s exterior by the horses on the Outskirt Stables subsequent to the Coliseum Ruins by the Tsutu-um Shrine. Speaking to him begins a sidequest about it.

He asks you in case you’ve heard in regards to the Skeletal Horse and that they seem at night time down at an deserted park known as Sanidin Park Ruins with a horse statue.

The park with a horse statue in query is down the trail throughout the bridge. You may merely comply with the trail till you come throughout it.

Sanidin Park Ruins

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now all you need to do is wait till dusk. There’s a Korok hiding within the fountain in case you want one thing to do within the meantime. However watch out ready for dusk as a result of skeletal enemies can and can spawn and presumably destroy you in a single hit.

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Taming the Skeletal Horse

How To Get Skeletal Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom Appearance

Screenshot by PC Invasion

As soon as dusk hits, they’ll merely seem within the area under the park. The method to mount one is similar as any- you need to mount and soothe. They’re very inclined and more likely to kick, although, in order that they’re higher approached from the aspect or entrance.

How To Get Skeletal Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom Horse Mount

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When you’ve mounted one, you could as nicely victory lap trip again to the Outskirt Steady to point out it to Toffa, who proceeds to ask you to mount one thing that isn’t a horse after which he’ll have seen all the pieces.

Skeletal Horse Toffa Present

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Apparently a literal Skeletal Horse isn’t adequate for him.

Skeletal Horse Register

Don’t speak about my new pal like that. Screenshot by PC Invasion

You can also’t register your new companion, sadly, and it’ll disappear at morning, which is the saddest factor on this sport thus far. Say your goodbyes earlier than it hits morning.

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