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Welcome to our pick for the BEST Upcoming Roblox Games Of The Week. Or, URGOTW… We will workshop that name. This feature updates weekly with our top picks for games we think you should try out, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back every Tuesday for our fresh picks! Here on Gamezebo we cover a lot of Roblox releases in our guides and sample new releases all the time. But which are our favourites?

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Best Upcoming Roblox Games

This upcoming Roblox games of the week feature was created on January 09th, 2024. Now, without further ado, let’s share our faves and list why they made our list. Don’t worry, we know you might not share our opinions, but hopefully, you either agree with our choices or find a new game to try. If you don’t, please come back next week for our new selection of games!

Tales of Tanorio

Think Pokemon but entirely free and on Roblox! Tales of Tanorio was such a hugely anticipated release and didn’t disappoint. With immersive battles, fun cut scenes and a stunning game design this Pokemon-inspired title is SO much fun! Choose your starter and head off into the world battling gyms, championships, and shiny hunting, you know the drill.

Untitled Tag Game

Untitled Tag Game is an intense tag where you must parkour, climb, hide and run for your life! If you’re a runner, you and everyone else on the server will be avoiding the chaser who has to catch the runners before the timer runs out. Once caught, you join the chaser’s team and are enlisted in the hunt.

The intensity of this game lies in the fun camera mechanics and character movements as you traverse multiple maps and over 10 different game modes. Every match offers something new and something chaotic! You just have to try it.

the image shows the map from untitled tag game which has a funky swirled red sky and a bunch of platforms for players to parkour and jump across