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This Type Soul Quincy Weapon Tier List ranks every Quincy faction-specific weapon from best to worst so you know which to equip for combat. If you’re looking to upgrade your combat or want to see if your personal rankings match mine then read on.

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox. For more Quincy-related walkthroughs, have a browse at our Type Soul Quincy Progression Guide and Type Soul Quincy Medallion Guide.

Type Soul Quincy Weapon Tier List

Let’s get into the rankings!


The best of the best! These weapons heighten your strength as a Quincy making you a threat to all opponents. Simply OP.


These weapons serve as great alternatives if you don’t have access to those in my S-Tier. They’re still versatile, strong and reliable despite not being the GOATs.

  • Quincy Cutlass
  • Great Sword


Moving into the average rankers. Those in this tier are just that. Average. They offer some niche uses but overall aren’t good or bad.


Weaker weapons, less opportunity to shine in combat. I would try to aim for a weapon in a higher tier than settle for these.

  • There are currently no C-Tier ranking weapons!


I would not recommend these weapons at all.

  • There are currently no D-Tier weapons! At least all your options are better than the absolute worst.

All Quincy Weapons List

This is a full list of all available Quincy Weapons within Type Soul. Any weapons that escaped being ranked in this tier haven’t been forgotten about! Rather than guessing the rankings, I want to spend more time sampling these weapons so I can submit them to the tier list with certainty. I’d recommend bookmarking this page and checking back soon to never miss out!

  • Quincy Cutlass
  • Quincy Gun
  • Great Sword
  • Schwer
  • Cang Du Claws
  • Antithesis