The Best Streaming Gear For Gamers in 2024

Streaming is becoming more popular every day, with content creators gaining mass followings and fame seemingly overnight. Gamers are some of the top-performing streamers, so it’s natural for some players to consider joining in the fun as well. After all, how hard can it be?

As it turns out, it’s very difficult. Getting started is no joke, with lots of equipment needed to film and stream on sites like Twitch and TikTok. However, some gamers may already have some of what they need in the form of headsets, gaming PCs, and lighting. For those who really want to pursue becoming a streamer and turning their hobby into a job, these tools are some of the best streaming devices for gamers.

Game Rant’s picks for the Best Gear For Streaming In 2024

Logitech C922x Pro

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Best Overall Camera for Gaming Streamers

The Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam is optimized for streaming and recording in HD. Streamers can record at 1080p with reliable no-drop audio, autofocus, and a wide, 78-degree field of view. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, macOS X 10.9 or higher, Xbox One, Chrome OS, and Android v5.0 or above, most gaming streamers will have no problem making use of this affordable, yet powerful webcam.


HD 1080P


Frames per second


Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, macOS X 10.9 or higher, Xbox One, Chrome OS, Android v5.0 or above

Size (WxDxH)
2.8 x 1.71 x 3.74 inches

5.8 ounces


  • Convenient, easy-to-install design
  • Streams high-quality video at up to 30fps
  • Includes a lengthy free trial of XSplit

  • Built-in mic isn’t great
  • Not ideal for off-site streaming

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one, and so it goes with webcams for streamers. Logitech’s C922x Pro isn’t the flashiest or the most expensive, but it offers some of the highest quality video at a fraction of the cost of “professional” equipment. Its small size is perfect for placing on top of a monitor and disappearing into the background.

The full HD 1080p camera records at 30fps, while the lower latency 720p video can capture visuals at 60fps. Despite its unassuming form, this Logitech webcam is easy to use and convenient to install, all while providing excellent live video. Plus, users receive a free six-month free trial of a premium XSplit license when purchasing the camera, giving them access to a host of video and audio editing software.

Sony ZV-1F

Sony ZV-1F

Best High-End Webcam For Streaming

Sony ZV-1F Vlog camera is explicitly designed with content creators and streamers in mind. The large 1-inch sensor and wide-angle 20mm lens are packed into this compact body and are very easy to use. Without any unique settings, the ZV-1F will accurately capture the skin tone of people in the frame, ensuring a healthy and natural look. Using Sony’s famous eye-tracking autofocus, this camera always keeps the user in focus no matter how much they move.

Sensor Size
1 inch

Video Resolution

Photo Resolution
20.1 megapixles

60 of continous shooting

USB-C,Micro HDMI Type D

4.2 x 2.4 x 1.7″ / 105.5 x 60 x 43.5 mm

294 grams

20mm F/2

SD/SDHC/SDXC [128 GB Maximum]


  • Stunning image quality
  • Versatile uses
  • Clean-feed over USB-C
  • Easy to mount onto a tripod or camera arm

  • More expensive than most webcams

Webcams have improved significantly in recent years, but they still lack the quality of a camera. Thankfully, Sony has released the Sony ZV-1F, a compact point-and-shoot camera specifically designed for content creators. This camera delivers a stunning image and can act as a webcam when connected to a PC via a USB-C cable. For gamers looking for a versatile camera that can be used for streaming, vlogging, or just walking around, the Sony ZV-1F is an excellent choice.

The ZV-1F can be seen as the little sibling to the more feature-packed ZV-1, with a 20mm equivalent prime lens instead of the 24-70mm equivalent zoom on the ZV-1. However, for streamers, this zoom lens is pretty unnecessary. The 20mm equivalent lens gives users a pretty wide angle without falling into the fisheye range, where facial features can get warped or stretched. Plus, the F/2 aperture allows users to capture fairly low-light scenes.

Despite having image quality comparable to a pro camera, the ZV-1F is incredibly simple to use. Whether users have years of experience with cameras or this is their first camera besides their phone, it is easy to pick this camera up and create some incredibly pleasing images or videos.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Best High-End Headset for Gaming Streamers

$300 $350 Save $50

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset from SteelSeries is a serious gamer’s tool. A gamer who wants the convenience and quality of a feature-rich wireless gaming headset need not look elsewhere. The headset’s premium high-fidelity drivers deliver a clear soundscape and a fully customizable experience with the Sonar Software. It supports 360-degree spatial audio for a more immersive gaming experience and helps the user to hear every audio cue around them clearly. 
With active noise-canceling technology enhanced by a four-mic hybrid system, gamers can use transparency mode to tune out any annoying background noises.

Retractable, Noise-cancelling

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Devices


Surround Sound

Noise Cancellation

339 grams

Battery Life
36+ hours with swappable battery

Ear Cushions
Vegan Leather & Memory Foam


  • High-end noise cancellation with directional mic
  • Fully customizable through the Sonar app
  • Super comfortable, even after hours

  • Very expensive
  • Mic may not be useful to streamers with a standalone microphone

One of the best headsets on the market overall, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro wireless is an impressive tool for a wide variety of activities, including, of course, streaming. These noise-canceling headphones can block out basically any noise, while the directional mic ensures crisp and clear vocals.

SteelSeries’ Sonar app offers plenty of settings that can be adjusted, meaning that players can hone in on enemies or keep track of their own voice as much or as little as they like. In Game Rant’s full review of the Steel Series Arctis Nova Pro, we found that the soft leather padding is extremely comfortable, so whether users stream for a couple of hours or all day long, this headset will be a joy to wear.

Although it’s a bit pricey, the Arctis Nova Pro is likely the last headset gaming streamers will need for at least a few years.

Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed

Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed

Best Earbuds for Gaming Streamers

The Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed wireless gaming earbuds prove that headsets aren’t the only viable option for gamers. With both a 2.4 GHz HyperSpeed USB dongle and Bluetooth, buyers can connect the Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed to PCs, PlayStation consoles, or mobile devices. Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation can isolate gamers from background distractions. The included fast charging case supplies an additional 24 hours of battery life and is compatible with Razer’s wireless charging pad. 

Battery Life
4-6 hours + charging case

Charging Case Included?



Driver Size
10 mm

Case battery
24 hours

PC, PlayStation, Mobile

Noise Cancellation

Earbud weight
6 grams per earbud


  • Discreet and convenient noise-cancelling design
  • Wide compatibility
  • Lots of useful extra features

  • Very expensive for earbuds
  • RGB lighting is barely visible and can drain battery fast

Another great option for noise-cancellation during streams is the new Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed earbuds. Using the included HyperSpeed Wireless Dongle or Bluetooth 5.3A, gamers can have a seamless wireless audio experience across most platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

In Game Rant’s full review, we found that these earbuds are ideal for users who have a separate microphone that’s likely better than any headset mic. Razer’s Hammerhead earbuds lend a significant amount of freedom to its users. With these earbuds, streamers can easily and discreetly have audio while they game or interact with their audience. At the same time, players can use just one earbud at a time in order to better multitask while streaming.

With additional features such as a do-not-disturb mode and a charging case that offers 24 hours of battery life, the Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed earbuds are a powerful and convenient (if expensive) option for top-tier game stream audio.

Shure MV7 USB Microphone

Shure MV7 USB Microphone

Best Professional Mic for Gaming Streamers

Shure MV7 USB Microphone is a high-end, standalone mic built for podcasting and recording live streams of gaming or other content. The all-metal, dual USB/XLR mic promises to last through hours of use and future upgrades to other audio equipment, such as dedicated mixers. With a sizable boom and built-in audio processing, the Shure MV7 is one of the best mics for crisp and professional vocal delivery.



Corded Electric

2.31 pounds

4.3 x 12.3 x 5 inches


  • Excellent audio capture
  • Targets and reduces annoying spikes
  • Compatible with both USB and XLR connections

  • Expensive
  • Not worth it for a beginner

The Shure MV7 USB microphone is one of the best upgrades a streamer can get for their setup. Although it isn’t advised to get such a high-end mic when just starting out, those who are seeing some success in their streaming endeavors may see more value in this option.


The Best Microphones for 2024

Whether people are looking for a mic to upgrade their streaming setup or sound better in Discord calls, a quality mic will go a long way.

For starters, the mic can be used with both USB and XLR connections, meaning that it will work with both digital and analog audio recording. The overall design of the mic focuses on eliminating spikes of sibilant sounds (s, sh, etc.) for podcasting and other close-range recording. Tons of streamers and influencers on TikTok and YouTube recommend this mic due to its superb performance and moderate price (compared to other high-end microphones, that is).

FIFINE Gaming PC USB Microphone

FIFINE Gaming PC USB Microphone

Best Budget Mic for Gaming Streamers

The FIFINE Gaming PC USB Microphone is a great budget mic for beginner streamers. Boasting a plug-and-play design, this USB microphone can record audio with crisp clarity, relying on an included pop filter to further enhance vocals. Compatible with Windows, macOS and Mac, and PS4/5, this boom mic can be attached to desks and tables in any setting. This mic is ideal for new streamers looking to get a stylish and affordable microphone.



1.1 pounds

16.14 x 5.91 x 3.54 inches

Compatible Devices


  • Very affordable
  • Cool RGB lighting
  • Can be mounted right out of the box

  • Not ideal for groups
  • Not compatible with Xbox

What is a good option for new streamers? The Fifine Gaming PC USB Microphone has quickly climbed the ranks on social media as the perfect beginner mic for streaming. At an incredibly low price that regularly dips under $50 during sales, this microphone is one of the most affordable options that isn’t a total flop.

On the contrary, the Fifine mic is shockingly intuitive and powerful. The mic can be set almost anywhere on a gaming desk, using the long USB cable that can run the length of an even more helpful accessory: an adjustable arm stand. Users can adjust the volume with the knob at the base of the boom mic while tapping the top will instantly mute it. There’s also a pop filter to keep voices crisp and some really stunning RGB lighting that can add to the atmosphere of any stream through its automatic adjustments.

TC Helicon GoXLR Mini Online Broadcast Mixer

TC-Helicon GoXLR Audio Interface

Best XLR Interface For Streamers

GoXLR MINI is an intuitive, all-in-one audio interface for live streamers and content creators. Designed for an online creator’s workflow, it establishes multiple USB audio devices in Windows so gamers can control their app volumes individually. TC Helicon’s award-winning MIDAS preamps are quiet and versatile, perfect for any voice and microphone. Whether users are established creators or just getting started, the GoXLR MINI has all the inputs and outputs to grow with them.

Frequency Range
10 Hz to 20 kHz

Power Requirements
USB Power, 5 V DC, 0.5 A

Analogue Audio Input Connectivity
1 x XLR, balanced OR 1 x 1/8″ TS, unbalanced

Analogue Audio Output Connectivity
1 x 1/8″ TRS, stereo


USB Interface 1
1 x USB 2.0, type B

Bit Depth

Sample Rate
48 kHz


  • Fantastic Preamps
  • Sliders feel substantially better than the original GoXLR
  • Easy setup process
  • Setting mixes for all other apps is made simple with the sliders

  • Pretty expensive
  • Can be complicated for first-time audio users

Streamers who decide to use a microphone like the Shure MV7 or any microphone with an XLR output will need to purchase an XLR interface to connect it to their PC. There is a good selection of options out there, but streamers looking for the most versatile option should consider the TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini. The GoXLR Mini is not just an interface; it is also a hardware mixer and comes with a suite of professional features like a censor button.

Being the mini version, there are a lot of buttons and some features missing compared to the full-size GoXLR, but for the amount of desk space the full version takes up, it is hard to recommend it for a majority of streamers. Of course, the full version has features like a sampler and voice changer, but most streamers will probably not be using these features anyway, so we might as well save the $149.

Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels

Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels

Best Background Lights for Gaming Streamers

$130 $180 Save $50

The Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels are works of art suitable for any gaming room, sparking conversation even before they are illuminated. The 10 pack of Glide Hexa Lights includes hexagon-shaped lights that affix to walls in various customizable patterns. Govee’s RGBIC technology lets each panel light up with multiple colors simultaneously. 
Unlike other RGB wall panels, the Glide Hexa Panels include lights on each side of the hexagon shapes, casting light on the surfaces of walls. The panels are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, for voice commands and synchronization with other smart home lighting. 



  • Vibrant, customizable lighting
  • Can sync with music and other audio
  • Easily controlled through apps

  • Distinctive shape may not work in every room
  • Somewhat expensive

Every streamer wants to send out good vibes, right? Well, with the Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels, gaming streamers can send out whatever kind of vibes they want. These versatile lights can be arranged in a variety of shapes and designs, while the colors can be adjusted using a mobile app.


Best Govee Smart Lights in 2024

With these Govee smart lights, a modest budget can spice up your gaming room with stunning LED panels, strips, and bulbs.

The Govee light panels are extremely easy to control and can even be made to sync with music and other audio through Alexa and Google Assistant. These vibrant lights can be as bright or dim as users need and will automatically sense the location of each panel to coordinate unique animated effects such as a flowing rainbow. Plus, with the Govee home app, other products (like their light strip) can be paired with the panels to orchestrate lighting throughout a room using just a few buttons.

Elgato HD60 X

Elgato HD60 X

Best Capture Card For Streamers

$160 $183 Save $23

Elgato HD60 X does it well without being too heavy on the wallet. Its native ability to support capturing and streaming at 4K makes it a perfect choice for enthusiasts. It also allows a higher refresh rate passthrough at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. PC, Mac, and consoles are fully compatible out of the box.


Max Passthrough Resolution

Max Capture Resolution


OBS Compatible

Mic In


  • Reliable 4K/30fps and 1080p/60fps game capture
  • Simple to use with third-party software
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • VRR support

  • Have to choose between high quality or high frame rate
  • Hefty price tag

Not everyone has a beastly gaming PC that can stream and play games flawlessly simultaneously, but thankfully, capture cards allow PCs and consoles to focus on what they do best: gaming and the capture card takes care of the rest.

Elgato has been the go-to source for capture cards for quite some time, and the HD60 X shows why. Building on the excellent reputation of the HD60 S+, the HD60 X perfectly combines simplicity and fantastic results. While the HD60 X doesn’t revolutionize capture cards, it is not without its exciting upgrades like support for variable refresh rate. This makes it perfect for PS5 and Xbox Series X Plus gamers. The small footprint makes it easy for any steamer to find space on their desk for this powerful capture card.

Bottom line

Not every streamer needs every piece of equipment out there. Whether they’re just starting out or gaining a serious following, streamers will have to consider their existing equipment before making any purchases. In general, a streamer should have:

  • A quality headset or earbuds for their audio
  • A decent microphone for their audience’s audio
  • An HD camera that will capture their face with low latency
  • A good amount of lighting to eliminate shadows and poor video quality
  • A strong internet connection

With this in mind, the above accessories and tools can combine to create an excellent setup for most streamers.


Q: What is the best game to stream in 2023?

This is a fairly subjective question, as the most popular games may not be the best choice for every gamer. However, some games make it easier to stream than others, such as Among Us and Roblox.

Q: Where is the best place to start streaming in 2023?

Twitch is the best place to start streaming video games, although TikTok is quickly becoming a strong contender among social media channels.

Q: What equipment do you need to be a gaming streamer?

Streamers need a camera, streaming software, a microphone, a computer, and a good internet connection. Though most players already have decent internet and a Twitch account, the other elements will most likely come at an additional cost.