The Best PS2 Light Gun Shooters


  • The PlayStation 2 was more powerful than its predecessor and capable of running detailed titles with more action.
  • The PS2 had a wide repertoire of rail shooter games, including both ports of arcade classics and solid original titles.
  • Some standout PS2 light gun titles include Time Crisis 2 and 3, Vampire Night, Resident Evil: Dead Aim, Crisis Zone, and Ninja Assault.

The PlayStation 2 was significantly more powerful than its predecessor, capable of running more detailed titles that contain way more action than ever before. On top of this, there is also the fact that it was compatible with a slew of light gun accessories for its wide repertoire of rail shooters. By this time, shooters had taken a range of unique new directions since the days of the very first FPS titles.


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These include, naturally, ports of some arcade classics, albeit rebuilt with more powerful engines to give them a much sleeker, modernized look and feel. Not all these titles are ports, though: A selection of solid original titles in the genre are also available. Together, these games make firing plastic weaponry at a television screen all the more exciting and invigorating, without the need to pump away spare change to get the full experience. Here are some excellent PS2 light gun titles worth exploring again.

6 Time Crisis 2

The PS2 Port Is A Remake That Captures The Excitement Of The Arcade Original

Time Crisis 2 enemies launched at camera after explosion

Time Crisis 2


Light Gun Shooter

Time Crisis 2 for the PS2 is but one of the handful of light gun titles that got themselves a big upgrade. It’s surprising that the game’s name didn’t get any subtitles to go alongside (like “Ultimate Edition”, “Redux Version”, etc.), but, then again, the smoother, more detailed graphics speak for themselves. Thankfully, it remains faithful to the fast-paced, frantic nature of the original arcade version.

The base game features vicious foes by the boatload to blast, in between ducking into cover to avoid attacks, all against the clock. Furthermore, you can unlock a mirror mode, machine guns, and a selection of tricky yet entertaining challenges called Crisis Missions. In short, this is a remake done right in countless ways, and a substantial package in the typically rather brief light gun genre. It’s a blast with a friend too.

5 Time Crisis 3

One Of The Series’ Best Campaigns And Gameplay Loops, Combined With New Features

Time Crisis 3 - artillery atop a small fortification

Time Crisis 3

Nex Entertainment

The follow-up entry, Time Crisis 3, received similar upgrades on the platform as well. It already looked great in the arcades, but there are a few visual touch-ups to go alongside here. Naturally, evil mercenaries galore and more ridiculous bosses are ready for blasting, this time with additional weapons like the SMG, shotgun and grenade launcher. They can be used at any time, as long as you have ammo for them.


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Alongside the return of Crisis Missions, there are bonus campaigns, including a side-story campaign that allows players to use a sniper rifle in remixed stages. In addition to this, there’s the Rescue Mission mode, which packs even more menacing foes alongside light-RPG elements (maximum ammo capacities for weapons can be upgraded by fighting). Paired up with an updated soundtrack, this may very well be the best light gun title on the console.

4 Vampire Night

A House Of The Dead-Esque Adventure With Lots Of Supernatural Beings To Blast

Vampire Night battle with two foes

From the creators of the iconic House of the Dead series, the home console port of Vampire Night functions relatively similarly to its spiritual predecessor. This time, it’s a fantasy title with creatures transforming villagers into abominations. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but its gameplay loop of blasting away enemies galore is entertaining enough for any fans of rail shooters.

It has some unique and well-worked mechanics, like the ability to cancel enemy attacks with enough firepower and the option to take alternate paths. Despite its dark fantasy leanings, there’s a cheesy charm to this one, encapsulated by its entertaining protagonists, overly dramatic story, and laughable voice acting. It all makes the game even more entertaining to try.

3 Resident Evil: Dead Aim

A Third-Person Shooter With Light Gun Elements, Dead Aim Is An Underrated Title

Player preparing to aim shotgun at approaching enemy in Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Capcom Production Studio 3

Combining a third-person shooter mechanics and the usual elements of the Resident Evil series with elements of a rail shooter, Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a unique spin-off title in its own regard, if a rather forgotten blaster in the wider context of the series. While the protagonists are rather forgettable, it’ll scratch that itch for some zombie-blasting action, whether you consider yourself a fan of the series or not.


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2 Crisis Zone

This Spin-Off Introduces Lots Of Exclusive Content For The PS2 Port

Crisis Zone battle in office

Crisis Zone is not too dissimilar to Time Crisis, being a spin-off title. It retains similar high-octane gameplay, involving gunning down opponents in limited time while hiding behind a riot shield. Bulky bosses with powerful abilities and tricky attack patterns are present here, too. This time, you can choose the order you tackle the stages in, adding some variety to proceedings.

The home console port contains a lot of extra content, like unlockable campaigns, additional special weapons to collect and reuse later on, weapons that can be dual-wielded, challenges, time attack mode, and so on. There’s no reason to skip out on this classic shooter adventure, a brilliant blast from the past.

1 Ninja Assault

Ninjas And Demons Mix Well With The Relentless Gunplay

A huge dragon and an enemy ninja appear in dark woods in Ninja Assault

Ninja Assault

NOW Production , Namco

Namco was pretty much the driving force for rail shooters in the early noughties, and they were keen on experimenting with different settings and genres for their arcade games. Ninja Assault is but one of them. It’s a rather strange title, full of those ever-popular video game ninjas, but it’s absolutely got its merits.

The choice of playable characters shakes up the story, giving it more replayability. Meanwhile, the 32 mini-games that will be thrown at the player add a lot of fun variety to the game’s speedy ninja-blasting action. The up-tempo techno tunes are a nice addition, and while the visuals aren’t anything stellar, it has a befittingly gritty and gloomy appearance. It may not have been a critical sensation, but there’s some unique fun to be had here.


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