The Best Gaming Consoles and Accessories for Exercise in 2024

For some people, exercise is just the worst. No matter how much planning is done or how motivated a person is, getting in some exercise can be a serious hurdle. For gamers, there’s some relief available though, in the form of exercise games, accessories, and even consoles.


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It can be more than annoying to ask gaming forums about combining exercise and gaming, but then searching retailers can just leave players with way too many options to sift through. Game Rant has narrowed down the options to give players a path towards healthier living, without the boring aspects of standard exercise.

What Makes A Gaming Console or Accessory Good for Exercise?

As with any exercise equipment, gaming consoles and accessories are tools to help users achieve their health and fitness goals. Everyone knows that the fairly sedentary modern life isn’t healthy, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to know what is. When looking to exercise through gaming, players should choose consoles and accessories based on the following factors:

  • Consistency: Consistency is vital to almost any exercise regimen.
  • Multiple Uses: Many people abandon exercise equipment after a short time because they only interact with it for a fraction of their day.
  • Affordability: Though some are motivated by their investment, it’s typically best to start small and reasonable with any new equipment purchases.

Game Rant’s Picks for The Best Gaming Consoles and Accessories for Exercise in 2024

Nintendo Switch with its sleek and flawless design.

Nintendo Switch

Best Overall Gaming Console for Exercise

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid portable and home console that aims to be the only gaming system anyone needs. The hybrid controller is an undisputed success because it provides a high degree of portable visual quality and converts easily into a home console.


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required

13.7 x 7.8 x 3.66 inches

2.65 pounds


  • Versatile, reliable console from Nintendo
  • Tons of exercise games available, with more on the way
  • Joy-Cons are top-notch motion controls

  • Games tend to be more expensive than on other platforms

The Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console for exercise because it hits all the marks. One of the cheapest current-gen consoles available, the Switch has innumerable games that require at least some motion. Nintendo’s Joy-Cons are some of the best motion controllers on the market and the Switch takes full advantage of that fact.


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Plus, Nintendo is clearly committed to fitness games in a way that other brands simply aren’t. In 2023, they released a new version of Fitness Boxing 2 that features a tie-in with the iconic anime Fist of the North Star, while 2022 saw the return of the much-loved Wii Sports series with Nintendo Switch Sports. There are tons of other fitness games available for the Switch too, including upcoming titles like WarioWare: Move It, though even standing-to-play motion games like Mario Kart can make a positive impact on a person’s health.

Ring Fit Adventure game

Ring Fit Adventure

Best Overall Gaming Accessory for Exercise

Ring Fit Adventure is a role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch that aims to keep players in shape. The game comes with two accessories, a Ring-Con and Leg Strap, which work together with the Joy-Cons to let players journey through the game’s dungeons and defeat monsters by doing workouts. 

October 18, 2019

Nintendo EPD


E10+ For Everyone 10+ due to Fantasy Violence

How Long To Beat
35½ Hours


  • Great UI encourages consistency
  • Exercise can be done in a short amount of time
  • Features a wide variety of quests and challenges

  • Not ideal for players who are already very fit

Ring Fit Adventure is one of Nintendo’s best exercise games. It comes with a resistance ring and athletic straps to hold Joy-Cons in place while players run, jump, and duck through courses. Ring Fit Adventure especially excels at cultivating consistency, making it incredibly easy to devote as little as five minutes at a time while encouraging longer sessions.

This game is designed for people who don’t like to exercise but want to make sure they aren’t going to have serious health problems as they get older because of their inactivity. The plot of the game is somewhat engaging but also fairly easy to ignore and just start doing challenges.

Most people who are out of shape will feel healthier with daily 10 to 15-minute exercises, making it a seriously low-commitment endeavor that should have at least some results. Although straps do need to be put on before the game can be played, it’s incredibly easy to seamlessly add a short exercise before starting a long game session on Monster Hunter, Tears of the Kingdom, or some other fan-favorite Nintendo title.

Meta Quest 3 amazon pre order

Meta Quest 3

Best Premium Gaming Console for Exercise

The Meta Quest 3 is the latest and greatest mixed-reality headset that brings a host of improvements compared to the previous generation. The Quest 3 has higher resolution displays per eye with support for 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates.

It uses a more powerful 2nd generation Snapdragon XR2 processor that is capable of running games like Asgard’s Wrath 2 natively. It comes with a full-color passthrough, improved controllers, and a slimmer form factor.


Resolution (per eye)

128 GB, 512 GB

WiFi 6E, USB Type-C

Battery Life
2-3 hours

Stereo speakers

515 grams

Refresh rate
90Hz, 120Hz (experimental)

Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2


Display Type

Tracking Technology
Direct Touch hand tracking


  • Incredibly immersive gameplay
  • Features a wide variety of exercise games
  • Standalone system doesn’t require a gaming PC

  • Battery life is lackluster

The Meta Quest 3 was only recently released in October 2023, but is already outpacing its predecessors. Significantly more expensive than the Switch, this high-end gaming console is one of the few standalone VR sets on the market. And while there’s a huge variety of games to play on the Quest 3, more than a few players rely on their most active games to stay fit.

Most people immediately think of one of the most popular VR titles when considering active games: Beat Saber. Playing Beat Saber can really work up a sweat, but there are other active games available that involve dancing, sword fighting, and running.


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Additionally, the Quest 3 is just great fun for groups and solo players alike. With improvements to resolution, memory, and audio, the Quest 3 set has made virtual reality gaming more immersive than ever before. Although the battery life is somewhat short, players are unlikely to be able to keep up with hectic game motions for longer than three hours at a time anyway.

playstation vr2-1

PlayStation VR2

Best Exercise Gaming Accessory For PlayStation

The successor to the PS VR, the PlayStation VR2 is Sony’s virtual reality headset. Debuting in February 2023, the hardware is designed as a companion piece for the PlayStation 5 and requires the PS VR2 Sense controller.


Original Release Date
February 22, 2023

Original MSRP (USD)


  • Very comfortable for long wearing sessions
  • High-resolution displays
  • Works well with PS5 hardware

  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t have as many game options as PC

Gamers already considering the PSVR2 probably don’t need another reason to pick it up, but it is also great for getting immersed in games that get the player moving. Anyone who has used a VR headset before can vouch for how much gaming with a VR headset actually breaks a sweat.

Unlike the Meta Quest 3, the PSVR2 is not a standalone device, so this is only a good option for gamers who already own a PS4 or PS5. So the high price does make the barrier to entry kind of harder for some, but for gamers who already own a PlayStation, this VR headset can be used for much more than just fitness titles.

For those who do decide to pick up a PSVR2, they will not be disappointed by the excellent performance. Not only are most games locked into a solid frame rate, but when combined with hi-resolution screens, games look gorgeous, and there is very little risk of motion sickness. Some of Game Rant’s favorite fitness titles for the PSVR2 are Synth Riders and Pistol Whip, which are both rhythm-based games with a fun twist.

YRPRSODF TV Game Console

YRPRSODF TV Game Console

Best Budget Gaming Console for Excercise

YRPRSODF TV Game Console is an affordable and interactive gaming machine that comes up with hundreds of old classic games to feel nostalgia. With two gamepads featuring Somatosensory control, kids and adults can play their favorite games while performing various physical actions.

What’s Included
Console and two gamepads

Game support
820 retro, 31 interactive HD, and 32 puzzle games

2.4G wireless


  • Very affordable and suitable for both kids and adults
  • Comes with two gamepads with Somatosensory control
  • Hundreds of games to play

  • Pretty entry-level gaming experience
  • Lackluster build quality

Interactive gaming consoles typically tend to be very expensive, but the YRPRSODF TV Game Console costs around 50 bucks and gives users plenty of games to play. While ideal for kids, adults can also enjoy the classic old titles along with doing various kinds of physical movements. The bundle comes with a pocket-sized console that is easily portable and a pair of retro gamepads.

These can be connected easily via 2.4G wireless mode and the console provides various ports like HDMI and USB to get started without any hassles. The console comes with 883 games pre-installed: 820 of them are retro games, 31 are interactive HD games, and 32 are puzzle games. With such a big game collection, it will be hard to get bored with it quickly. Surely, it doesn’t compete with modern gaming consoles, but it is still well worth its price, particularly when the gamepads feature Somatosensory control for capturing the movements.

Relohas Extension Grips Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Relohas Extension Grips Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Best Excercise Accessory for Oculus Quest 2

Relohas Extension Grips are dirt-cheap lightsabers for various interactive games like Beat Saber and Fruit Ninja. Compatible with the Oculus Quest 2, these lightsabers provide a realistic game experience, which requires some intensive movements. Users can choose from seven different colors and cycle through different flash modes.


Color Options

What’s Included
Two lightsabers


Oculus Quest 2


  • Dirt cheap light sabers
  • Ideal for Beat Saber games
  • 7 colors to choose from

Star Wars lovers rejoice! With a pair of cheap, yet reliable lightsabers, Oculus Quest 2 users can enjoy several interactive games that are compatible with these extension grips. These are a perfect way to work out and burn some calories as moving these sabers requires quite a good amount of effort due to their considerable weight and the need for accuracy. This pair will definitely build some muscles on the arms due to their heavy weight, which makes it stand out among other accessories that have very little impact on the muscles.


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This highly-rated pair provides an excellent design with ergonomic handles and colorful extensions that have seven different color modes to choose from. Whether users want to test their rhythm skills in Beat Saber, or their accuracy in Fruit Ninja, they can do so without fearing that they will fall off their hands, as the sabers provide dedicated wrist straps. The sabers don’t interfere anyway with the connection of the controller or the headset and just need a single battery to operate.

ECHZOVE Boxing Grip for Nintendo Switch

ECHZOVE Boxing Grip for Nintendo Switch

Best Exercise Gaming Accessory for Nintendo Switch

ECHZOVE Boxing Grips are a perfect way to train the arms while enjoying video games. These are compatible with the Nintendo Switch and come in attractive Red and Blue colors to complement the console. The grips are designed to provide good ergonomics and don’t fall off from the hands. 

Boxing grips

Color Options
Blue and Red

What’s Included
Two boxing grips


Nintendo Switch


  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip
  • Onboard controls
  • Enhances boxing skills

  • Only compatible with boxing and fitness games

Nintendo Switch owners too, can enjoy gaming while performing rigorous arm movements. This Echzove pair of boxing grips will enhance the gaming experience, where users will be required to punch their opponents virtually as fast as they can. With these grips, the gaming experience will be intense, and boxing games will feel life-like.

Despite being dirt cheap, these boxing grips are reliable and provide an ergonomic construction that lets users put their fingers into the grips and rest their thumbs on the top of the controller, letting users access different controls simultaneously. The grips come with straps and can be attached or detached from their controllers with a simple slide. They won’t fall off easily and will work with plenty of fitness games along with boxing games available on the Switch.

How to Choose Gaming Exercise Accessories and Consoles

Choosing gaming equipment for exercising may be easier for absolute beginners who don’t have a console at all, though with so many options for game titles and accessories, it’s often not a simple decision to make. The best gaming consoles and accessories for exercise have a few key qualities that players can suss out with a quick skim of the product description.


How a game encourages players to exercise regularly is one of the most important elements of an exercise game. After all, what good is the game if it’s never played, or not played very often? Things like daily quests, competitive modes, and encouraging language are important, even if they seem superfluous. Additionally, how easy it is to jump in and get a quick workout done is a major factor for most players. Be sure to pick a console and accessories that make it easy to exercise every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.


Players who are already using the device they will exercise with are more likely to remember the importance of their exercise. Players should choose a console for exercise based on how much they think they’ll use the console overall, not just for exercise. Using the same console for both exercise and video games also makes it much easier to jump into a quick workout and then swap back to gaming. Finally, some accessories can be used for more than one console or more than one game, making them more worthwhile to spend money on and ensuring they won’t just collect dust after a few weeks of working out.


Some people need to spend money in order to feel motivated to work out or else “lose” their investment. However, it’s important to recognize that this can leave other players feeling worse about themselves when they “fail” to use their purchase enough. Players should make sure to balance the quality of a product with its features and compatibility so that they get the full value for their money, regardless of what gaming exercise equipment they buy.