The Best Formation & Starting 11 For Manchester City

Manchester City is easily one of the most in-demand teams in EA Sports FC 24. The Treble winners for 2023 are clearly one of the elites on the field. This is reflected not only in their overall boosted ratings in the game, but also with striker Erling Haaland as the primary cover star of this year’s football simulation entry.


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Coach Pep Guardiola has created wonders with his team and strategies, and now it’s the players’ turn to shine. Gamers can use the updated Manchester City roster in EA Sports FC 24‘s Division Rivals, Kick-off, Pro Clubs, and even Online Friendlies. They can also collect and use the standard line-up in Ultimate Team (FUT), but mixing things around is advisable and encouraged.

Updated March 1, 2024, by Amjad A. Asma: Manchester City houses some of the greatest footballers right now, and this is reflected in their presence on the field. The team went through a bit of a rough patch in the Premier League following injuries to attacking stars Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland, but things are looking up since they’ve come back in.

The team won the treble last season, and it is strongly believed that good tidings are in store this time around as well. Since EA Sports FC 24 is the biggest football simulation title on the market, and it reflects real-world team and player stat changes, fans often pick Manchester City as their club. The game has had multiple squad updates since it was launched in late September 2023, and the latest has brought with it some tweaks that affect gameplay, such as Effort Touches. As such, let’s take a look at the updated best formation and Starting 11 for Manchester City in EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24 Guide: The Best Formation For Manchester City

4-4-3 “Attack”

EA Sports FC 24 guide: The Best Formation For Manchester City

The best formation to use for Manchester City in EA Sports FC 24 is the one that is chosen by default. The 4-3-3 “Attack” formation is balanced, but leans towards attacking, playing to the team’s strengths. It also ensures that all the key defensive, mid, and attack areas are covered. The spread is just wide enough to ensure that the RW, LW, RB, and LB have adequate space to either mount an attack or stop an incoming one.

Since the team’s style is more controlled and balanced, leaning more towards offense than defense, having a CAM helps create more opportunities for goal-scoring. The two CMs on either side are positioned quite well, too, and help strengthen the core.


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Since EA Sports FC 24 allows gamers to customize freely, they can choose any other formation that resonates with their playstyle. The best Starting 11 chosen here are optimized for the 4-3-3 Attack variant and other similar layouts. Choosing a different formation will require players to go through the team and pick the best footballers for that specific layout, lest they end up with stars like Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, and others playing in untrained positions and losing their efficacy.

As such, while different formations can be freely chosen, it is advised that casual players go with the default 4-3-3 Attack or engage in adequate research and practice to build one that plays to their personal strengths.

EA Sports FC 24 Guide: The Best Starting 11 For Manchester City

Haaland Leads The Way

EA Sports FC 24 guide: The Best Starting 11 For Manchester City

The game will always reflect a team’s current real-world lineup, at least until the series’ next installment is released. As such, fans will have to bring in some footballers from the substitutes and reserves to ensure they’re running the best starting 11 for Manchester City in EA Sports FC 24.


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Currently, the best attackers for Manchester City in EA Sports FC 24’s 4-3-3 formation are Grealish, Haaland, and Foden. While Haaland is clearly the best striker in the club, and is an absolute beast when it comes to aerial attacks, the other two aren’t slouches by any means. Foden comes with better dribbling and pace, while Grealish has Finesse Shot PS and Press Proven PS+. Simply put, both players are good at keeping possession and clearing defense lines. Their talents also mean that players can be creative in their build-up in EA Sports FC 24, and can factor in strong attacks from the wings without any worry.

Meanwhile, Kevin De Bruyne is the gift that keeps on giving, and he is an excellent CAM for the team. Considering his passing skills, not to mention shooting, he is crucial for creating plays that convert into goals. Rodri works great for a defensive midfielder, and his Power Shot PS+ can help score from outside the box if players can get him some space.


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Silva, if players go with the recommended default instructions, floats around the field and is often in the correct place at the correct time. His Technical PS+, along with others like Trivela and Relentless, work very well in conjunction with KDB and other teammates. Essentially, with Manchester City, keeping possession and passing the ball around will help players be on the attack and score more often than not.

Considering the Gvardiol, Walker, Stones, and Dias are on defense, fans won’t have much trouble wrestling the ball away and launching counterattacks. They have a great set of stats and playstyles in EA Sports FC 24, which allows them to go toe-to-toe with the top attackers from any club. Even if that’s not enough, Ederson is plenty good at making amazing saves.






Erling Haaland


Right Short Free Kick, Penalties


Jack Grealish


Right Corner


Phil Foden



Kevin De Bruyne


Captain, Left Short Free Kick, Long Free Kick


Bernado Silva


Left Corner





Josko Gvardiol



Ruben Dias



John Stones



Kyle Walker







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Aside from the starting 11, the best substitutes for Manchester City in EA Sports FC 24 are:





Mateo Kovacic



Julian Alvarez



Jeremy Doku



Manuel Akanji



Nathan Ake



Rico Lewis



Stefan Ortega


Continuing a similar pattern, the best custom tactics for Manchester City in EA Sports FC 24 comprise the default values chosen. These play to the team’s strengths, and players should ideally let them remain as is if they’re not well-versed in the game’s mechanics. Since it also depends on an individual’s playstyle, a fair bit of trial and error is bound to take place if players do wish to change things around.

Manchester City is easily one of the most popular teams right now, and can take on Premier League clubs like Liverpool in EA Sports FC 24, among others, quite handily. As such, it is natural that players will come across others using the same team more often than not across various modes. In such cases, it is possible that the line-up might feature small changes, but otherwise, the difference will come down to individual playstyle and skill.

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