The Best Dragon Age: Inquisition Mods

Dragon Age: Inquisition was the third title in the Dragon Age series and launched back in 2014 to critical acclaim. It is arguably the best game in the series so far, not just because of its advanced graphics and gameplay, but because of its rich, story-driven content as well.


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Fans are eagerly awaiting any further news of Dragon Age 4, with many hoping that it maintains its predecessor’s standards rather than falling short of fans’ expectations as Bioware did with Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the time being, players can still get their Thedas fix by replaying Inquisition and there are plenty of mods out there to keep the game feeling fresh.

Updated on December 13, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: The writing was on the wall for Dragon Age: Inquisition to not receive the same love and adoration as the other games in the series. However, despite a tumultuous development cycle, Inquisition was released to rave reviews and was touted as a return to form by many after the disappointing outing of Dragon Age 2. Players who want to make this title feel as fresh and engaging as ever can download a wealth of mods to make this game more engaging to play through.

26 Inquisitor Unleashed

Downloads: 2,288

BioWare put in a lot of work to create a believable world

The Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition has access to a wealth of amazing powers that can lay waste to the opposition in no time flat. These powers can do quite a bit of damage, which makes the main character even more destructive in battle.

The function of Inquisitor Unleashed is pretty obvious but changes the gameplay in a meaningful way. Both Mark of the Rift and Anchor Discharge are ridiculously powerful and can wallop enemies to kingdom come in no time flat.

25 No Court Approval Loss

Downloads: 4,738

Dragon Age Inquisition

Maintaining Court Approval is imperative for the Inquisition to run smoothly, making the actions of the main character more important than ever before. However, there are times when players are forced into restricted areas and can potentially fumble quite a bit while making their way through these levels.

The No Court Approval Loss mod ensures that players don’t have to face these debilitating effects during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. It’s a simple but welcome mod for players who don’t like things progressing in a less-than-ideal manner despite not being at fault for the same.

24 Redcliffe Crafting Supply

Downloads: 274,019

Redcliffe in Dragon Age Inquisition

The Redcliffe Crafting Supply mod adds a crafting supply merchant in this area, which provides players with additional crafting materials and resources. This can be particularly useful for players who enjoy the crafting system in Dragon Age: Inquisition and want to have more options for creating powerful weapons, armor, and other items.

The mod may also offer rare or unique materials that are not easily found in the base game, allowing players to create even more powerful gear for their characters. Another mod takes in the items of the DLC as well, although it is a separate download.

23 Enhanced Character Creation

Downloads: 224,535

Dragon Age Inquisition character creation

The Enhanced Character Creation mod expands the character creation options in Dragon Age: Inquisition, providing players with more choices for customizing their protagonist’s appearance. This allows players to use restricted content for all races and genders while also restoring cut content.


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The mod will also allow players to tweak facial features with more precision, giving them greater control over their character’s appearance and personalization. Players who want to create unique and distinct Inquisitors will be more than pleased with what’s on offer in this great mod.

22 Armor – No Class Restrictions

Downloads: 329,554


As is the case with most RPGs, Dragon Age: Inquisition restricts certain armor sets to specific classes. This can be pretty frustrating for players who don’t want characters of a particular class to look and feel the same.

However, with this mod, those class restrictions are removed, allowing any character to wear any armor they choose, regardless of their class. This provides players with more freedom and flexibility in outfitting their characters, allowing them to mix and match armor pieces to create some pretty unique designs.

21 Assorted Hairstyles

Downloads: 200,365

Assorted Hairstyles mod for Dragon Age Inquisition

Hair is one of the most distinctive features of any character, and Dragon Age: Inquisition understands this. After all, the game itself has the option to remove helmets during conversations so that players can see their characters sporting their iconic hairstyles.

This mod introduces a variety of new hairstyles for both male and female characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This adds more diversity and customization options to the character creation process, allowing players to create characters with unique and personalized hairstyles that suit their preferences.

20 Fall Damage Nullified

Downloads: 95,540

No Fall Damage in Dragon Age Inquisition

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, characters can take fall damage when jumping from high places, which can sometimes result in injury or death. This is the norm in most games of the same kind, but that doesn’t make this mechanic any less frustrating.

This mod removes fall damage, allowing players to jump from greater heights without suffering any negative consequences. This can be particularly useful for players who enjoy exploring the game world without any restrictions, as it eliminates the need to worry about fall damage and allows for more freedom of movement.

19 SK Hair Pack

Downloads: 623,146

SK Hair Pack mod for Dragon Age Inquisition

Character creation is an integral part of any RPG title, with most players spending hours trying to create the perfect customized character. Dragon Age: Inquisition is pretty serviceable in this regard; however, there are still some fans who would’ve preferred these customization options to be more extensive.


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With this mod, players can experiment around with hairstyles, if nothing else. The act of creating a unique Inquisitor with a distinctive hairstyle is surprisingly alluring for many players. It makes character customization all the more enjoyable.

18 Quicker Looting

Downloads: 334,914

showing off prismatic axe at haven

Looting animations are the bane of most players’ existence. One need only mention looting animations around Red Dead Redemption 2 fans to understand just how annoying these animations can get. They slow down the game, making a player’s experience much less smooth.

The Quicker Looting mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition takes care of this problem altogether. The massive impact this has on the game’s quality of life makes it one of the best Dragon Age: Inquisition mods around.

17 Immersive Starting Armors

Downloads: 263,050


The starting armor of all races in Dragon Age: Inquisition overlaps quite a bit. It’s a rather basic issue, but an irritating one for fans who appreciate these minor yet engaging details.

With this Dragon Age: Inquisition mod, each race in the game gets unique starting armors of their own. These designs are meant to fit into the lore instead of clashing with it as well. This makes it a must-have mod for anyone who wants their version of the Inquisitor to be as unique as possible, especially during the initial moments of the game.

16 HD Eye Textures

Downloads: 209,703

HD Eye Textures in Dragon Age Inquisition

It might be a small issue, but the eye textures present in Dragon Age: Inquisition does the bare minimum when it comes to graphical fidelity. Players who are a stickler for a title’s graphics would definitely be irritated by this lack of quality on the in-game characters.

This mod does exactly what it states in the title and improves the resolution of the game’s eye textures. It might seem like an inconsequential change, but it makes a world of difference for gamers who care about these minor details.

15 Eggs Without Hats

Downloads: 20,675

dragon age solas hat mod

One of the bugbears that fans had with Dragon Age: Inquisition was Solas’ ridiculous hat, which he wears at the Winter Palace during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts chapter. While it might seem like a small thing, when players are romancing the mysterious elf, they don’t want him wearing a dorky hat.


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Fortunately, the Eggs Without Hats Mod can solve this particular issue, and players can see Solas’ bald head in all its shiny glory. Even though the hat will be gone, when Solas is highlighted by the player, its outline will still appear.

14 Blackwall – Warden Of The North

Downloads: 60,982

Dragon Age Inquisition Blackwall mod

Blackwall is one of the party members in the game and also serves as a potential love interest for the Inquisitor. If players have ever wondered what the Grey Warden looked like underneath his massive beard, the Blackwall – Warden of the North Mod has more than one option to give this character a little makeover.

As well as being able to remove his beard for a more fresh-faced look, players can change up Blackwall’s hairstyle as well. There’s even the option to have him rock a mohawk.

13 Ardent Blossom Misc Store

Downloads: 305,221

Ardent Blossom Misc Store mod Dragon Age Inquisition

The Ardent Blossom item is a much-coveted unique helmet with fans that is not exactly easy to obtain legitimately. This item is the reward for a side-quest that remained hidden from players for a very long time, which makes it even rarer as it’s not something players just organically find.

If players don’t feel like getting this item the proper way, the Ardent Blossom Misc Store Mod can help. The mod allows players to buy some rare items, at absolutely no cost, from the likes of Barnabus’ shop in Val Royeaux, as well as other vendors.

12 Dorian Post-Trespasser Hairstyle

Downloads: 19,549

Dorian Trespasser hair mod

Players of Dragon Age: Inquisition who purchased and played the Trespasser DLC will know that the end credits give some insight into what the characters got up to next. One example is Dorian heading back to Tevinter to take his father’s place in the magisterium, and he’s sporting a new hairstyle.

If players are looking to get this new look for their version of Dorian, there’s a mod that can help with that. The Dorian Post-Trespasser Hairstyle Mod offers up a hairstyle to match, with some artistic licensing of course.

11 Buttflap Be Gone

Downloads: 19,038

Buttflap Be Gone mod dragon age

Players of Inquisition will know that the armor worn by the Inquisitor and their companions gives an unsightly “buttflap.” This isn’t just a cosmetic pet peeve with fans either; the flap of cloth often clips in and out of the character’s legs and ruins the sense of immersion.


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Fortunately, the Buttflap Be Gone Mod eliminates this issue and allows players to walk around with their character’s butt, as well as their companion’s butts, completely free of obstruction.

10 No More Fog of War

Downloads: 312,988

dragon age inquisition no more fog of war mod

Like many other games, Dragon Age: Inquisition utilizes the fog of war feature for its maps. This prevents players from seeing the full map of areas until they have walked into all of it themselves. This of course adds some realism into the game. The Inquisitor must discover what is around them by exploring.

However, if players are desperate to know where everything is, the No More Fog of War mod has them covered. This mod completely removes the fog of war from the game and allows players to see the entirety of every map regardless of how much they have explored.

9 Multiple Romance Mod

Downloads: 262,824

Dragon Age Inquisition romance josephine

One of the fan-favorite features of the Dragon Age series is being able to romance your favorite characters and enter into a relationship with them. However, once the player enters into a relationship with a companion or advisor, the game shuts down the flirting and possibility of entering into another relationship without first ending the one they’re in. Some fans dislike losing out on some of the more interesting conversations as characters attempt to flirt.

The Multiple Romance Mod allows players to romance more than one character. The Inquisitor can get their flirt on again, or even enter into more than one relationship. Installing the mod prevents the game from flagging that the player character is already in an active relationship.

Downloads: 99,659

Dragon Age Inquisition community patch mod

Every game has various bugs and issues that are generally fixed by the studio eventually. However, there are a couple of lingering bugs that Bioware has yet to address when it comes to Dragon Age: Inquisition and so the community has taken it upon itself to fix them.

The DAI Community Patch mod addresses certain bugs that players have been complaining about for a while, including mosaic pieces that are unobtainable due to their location in-game. This mod ensures that players can now collect all pieces by either moving them to another location or changing the Plot ID, allowing players to complete their mosaic back at Skyhold.

7 More Banter

Downloads: 296,590

Dragon-Age-Inquisition varric

One of the best bits of Dragon Age games is listening to the banter between party members as they journey throughout Thedas. These conversations can be particularly amusing depending on the party make-up. Some characters get along better than others, and some are downright snarky.


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The More Banter mod increases the amount of banter players get to hear, ensuring that banter happens roughly every 15 minutes. Usually, the game prompts a banter chance every 10 to 15 minutes with a randomizer of whether it is yes or no, but this mod removes the random effect, ensuring that the game always picks to play the banter.