Terapagos location guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Terapagos is available in the later half of the new Indigo Disk DLC’s story for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but since catching it isn’t quite that simple, we’ll tell you about its location and how to catch it. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC introduces the new Legendary Pokemon Terapagos, who is located at the bottom of Area Zero. Between its in-game role and its appearance in the Pokemon anime, it’s clear that Terapagos is sort of intended as a cut above the rest. It’s supposedly the origin of Terastallization and possibly even Paradox Pokemon, after all.

If you’re looking to add this Legendary Pokemon to your collection, then let’s get right into our Terapagos location guide. We’ll try to go light on spoilers, but there are some story details within – keep that in mind before you continue.

Terapagos location

Terapagos location guide

Terapagos is only available after you clear the Elite Four trials in the Terarium. Afterward, you’ll be invited back to Area Zero with a few friends. Play through this section, and you’ll eventually reach the very bottom of Area Zero. After a number of… unfortunate events, you’ll begin a Tera Raid Battle against Terapagos in its strongest form. Clear this battle, and you’ll be given the opportunity to catch it in a Poke Ball of your choice – Dive Ball matches great. Do note that Terapagos can never be Shiny, so there’s no point trying to soft reset for one – especially since you can change its nature and IVs later.

Here’s a brief explanation on how Terapagos works in this game, too. When you send out Terapagos, it first appears in its Normal form. It then changes into its Terastal form, which has much better base stats. When you Terastallize Terapagos, it transforms into its Stellar form – which has crazy-high base stats! We talk more about its base stats and Abilities in this post, though it does contain the stats and Abilities of previously unrevealed Pokemon. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers, you might just want to read that post later.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its DLC are available now for Switch. You can check the official site right here. We’ve also got a master list of guides for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Teal Mask, and The Indigo Disk here. In the meantime, what’s your opinion on Terapagos’ design and its role in the story? Feel free to let us know down below!