Tekken 8 Story Trailer Teases the Epic Continuation of the Mishima Saga

Bandai Namco has unveiled a brand new Tekken 8 story trailer, setting up the continuation of the Mishima Saga when the game launches this January.

The trailer opens with a conversation between Jin Kazama and his mother Jun, wherein she tells him that his family’s power “fosters life and cleanses evil”, and that he should use that power to save both himself and Kazuya.

We then cut to Kazuya issuing an ultimatum to humanity, interspersed with shots of Tekken 8 fighters like Paul Phoenix, Steve Fox, and newcomer Reina.

Oh, I think he might be a bad guy.

The story trailer that follows can reasonably be described as “epic”, depicting battles involving new agent Victor Chevalier, Lars Alexandersson, and Jack-8, among others.

We also get to see more tender moments, like the robot Alisa Bosconovitch telling Jin he’s the “hope of mankind”.

All in all, the Tekken 8 story trailer sets up a suitably impressive climactic moment for the Mishima-Kazama saga, although it remains to be seen whether this game represents its conclusion or not.

If you’ve somehow missed out on the Tekken 8 hype, it’s the latest game in the Tekken series, which began with the original Tekken all the way back in 1994 (1995 for the PlayStation release).

Tekken 8 features many of the same playable characters as the original did, too, including Anna and Nina Williams, Marshall Law, and the aforementioned Paul Phoenix, as well as the rather odd ninja warrior Yoshimitsu.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the fan-favorite Tekken Ball mode again in Tekken 8, where it’ll return as a minigame inside the game’s Tekken Fight Lounge lobby area.

You can check out Tekken 8 when it lands on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 26th. A playable demo is also available on PS5 right now, and it’ll come to Xbox and PC next week.

If you want to learn more about this hotly-anticipated fighter, check out our very own Erren’s preview of the game, as well as her interview with some of its key creative personnel.