Tears of the Kingdom’s Sky Islands Mod


  • Minecraft players create mods inspired by popular games like Zelda to bring new experiences to the game.
  • The Sky Islands mod adds a new biome, boss, and mechanics based on Tears of the Kingdom, with more content planned.
  • A crossover with Zelda could enhance Minecraft’s building system and provide new adventures for players to enjoy.

A Minecraft player has created a mod based on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom‘s Sky Islands. Minecraft players often create impressive projects based on anime, movies, and games like the Zelda franchise. These projects bring reproductions of areas from games such as Clock Town from Majora’s Mask, complete recreations of Ocarina of Time, and homages to more recent entries of the Zelda series.

Different areas in Breath of the Wild have been recreated in Minecraft, like the Gerudo Desert and the Great Plateau. Another game that has received the affection of Minecraft players is Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with re-imaginings of areas such as the Sky Islands. Available after finishing the tutorial, Tears of the Kingdom‘s Sky Islands can be seen in the skies all over Hyrule. By exploring this area, players get to know a beautiful setting and discover more about the Zonai tribe. Now, a Minecraft player has decided to create their version of one of the best-known Tears of the Kingdom areas and share it with the community.


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Reddit user LikeTsl002 has created a Minecraft mod giving its twist to the locale from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Available for download on Modrinth, the mod is called Sky Lands and adds a new biome full of floating islands made from a new material called skyrock. The mod also includes a new mob and boss, two types of chests that require a key to open, and new plants and wood for players to find. In addition, Sky Islands has movement options based on Tears of the Kingdom, allowing Minecraft players to skydive and glide.

Minecraft Mod Creates the Sky Islands from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The mod created by the player is currently more focused on exploration, as it is its first version. However, they intend to add more content in future updates. Among the player’s plans are the addition of four new biomes, at least four new bosses, two dungeons, “and much more.” Other future content on the modder’s list is the possible inclusion of a new dimension, and the inclusion of Zonai devices, a Tears of the Kingdom‘s technology used to create the most diverse types of mechanisms.

Minecraft and Zelda are two franchises that have an adventure and exploration component. Despite this commonality, a Zelda DLC for Minecraft has never happened. An eventual crossover with Tears of the Kingdom, specifically, could give Minecraft players a more robust building system and new enemies to make the adventures even more exciting.

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November 18, 2011