June 8, 2023

The Hearty Elixir features as one of many extra highly effective therapeutic gadgets you possibly can receive in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Not solely does it heal again all your hearts in a single go, however it additionally provides you extra golden hearts for additional safety, normally round 4 or so. Sure characters will hand over Hearty Elixirs for beating quests or fulfilling different circumstances, however it’s also possible to make one your self by the cooking system. So the query is, what recipes can you employ to make a Hearty Elixir with out counting on quests?

Suggestions for making a Hearty Elixir

Based on the complete record of meals and elixirs you possibly can entry in-game, gamers can create a Hearty Elixir by certainly one of two recipes. Fortuitously, each recipes solely require you to have two separate components available. One of many recipes requires a Bokoblin Horn and a Hearty Lizard, whereas the opposite one makes use of a Hearty Lizard and the usual blue ChuChu Jelly. Even properly into the sport, you possibly can nonetheless encounter loads of purple Bokoblins and blue ChuChus throughout Hyrule, so acquiring their respective components shouldn’t take a lot effort in any respect.

Alternatively, discovering Hearty Lizards out within the wild is a reasonably uncommon prevalence, making it tough to inventory your stock filled with Hearty Elixirs. Fortunately, at sure stables, Beedle will promote Hearty Lizards for under 100 rupees every, making this one of the best technique for acquiring them. One steady the place Beedle normally sells Hearty Lizards is Woodland Secure, which you’ll wish to go to anyway to unlock the Nice Fairy there.

Crafting a Hearty Elixir in Tears of the Kingdom actually is so simple as that, so be at liberty to make as many as you need. Utilizing these to heal as a substitute of fundamental components will certainly assist prevent assets in the long term.

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