May 29, 2023

The world of Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an enormous and expansive world that stretches from the bottom to rocks floating means up excessive within the sky. Because of this, there’s a multitude of secrets and techniques, mysteries, and naturally, treasures to uncover. Nonetheless, there may be one useful resource that Hyperlink, like the remainder of us, craves: diamonds. So, for those who’re questioning the place to search out and, extra importantly, methods to farm diamonds in an effort to stack up your rupees, hold studying to search out out.

The place oh the place may these diamonds be hiding?

There are a couple of methods to search out and purchase diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The primary and most accessible possibility is to buy diamonds from distributors, such because the Goron store in Goron Metropolis. Nevertheless, retailers who promote this uncommon mineral are few and much between. Moreover, for those who’re in want of those diamonds so you may then promote them for rupees, shopping for them defeats that function.

That’s why, for those who’re looking for diamonds with the hopes of promoting them to make a revenue, you’ll should resort to different strategies of buying diamonds. You may as well get diamonds from chests, shrines, and by mining them from ore deposits present in caves throughout Hyrule. The one drawback is that since you are counting on girl luck, this isn’t a really constant approach to purchase diamonds. Nonetheless, we’ll present you the very best methods to farm diamonds utilizing these strategies, as these are your greatest wager for acquiring as a lot of the dear useful resource as attainable.

Easy methods to Farm Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Farm Diamonds
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You may farm diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom by mining ore deposits discovered within the numerous caves throughout Hyrule. In the event you go this route, search for mineral deposits with yellow sparkles round them, as these are the deposits that drop higher-value supplies like diamonds. The one problem is that additionally they drop different high-tier sources corresponding to rubies, sapphires, and topaz, so it’s not a assured likelihood you’ll get what you’re searching for.

Regardless of diamonds primarily being a random useful resource that requires a giant stroke of luck to randomly stumble throughout when you’re out exploring Hyrule, gamers have been clueing in on the chest, shrines, and executives of Hyrule which have a assured likelihood of dropping a diamond.

Farming Diamonds From Chests and Shrines

Diamonds from Chests and Shrines
There’s greater than meets the attention with these Shrines.

It does require a stroke of luck to farm diamonds from the chests and shrines round Hyrule. That being mentioned, we do know of 1 chest and a handful of shrine places that grant you diamonds. So, you can begin your diamond farming journey by looting these chests and shrines at their numerous places.


  • Beneath Hyrule Fort within the Commentary Room (-0253, 0762, 0087).


  • Maoikes Shrine, Lanayru Wetlands (2277, 0150, 0079).
  • Sihajog Shrine, Lanayru Nice Spring Sky (4544, -0845, 1121).
  • Yomizuk Shrine, Lanayru Nice Spring (4412, -0610, 0334).
  • Jochi-ihiga Shrine, Akkala Highlands (3811, 1218, 0090).
  • Mayaotaki Shrine, Hebra Mountains (-0956, 3535, 0234).

Farming Diamonds from Stone Talus

farm diamonds
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The final means you may farm diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom is from the Talus mini-bosses. In the event you’ve ever defeated certainly one of these rock-like beasts earlier than, you’ll know that if you defeat them, they explode right into a pile of gems. They sometimes, however not at all times, drop diamonds as a part of these gems, no matter the kind of Talus. Because of this, you may farm diamonds by taking down these enemies, although just like the ore deposits, isn’t all that dependable.

All in all, there isn’t a surefire approach to reliably farm diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Nevertheless, you should use the strategies and methods to farm diamonds that we’ve talked about above to internet your self a fair proportion of them.

The place Do You Discover Cece and Reed in Tears of the Kingdom?

You will discover Cece and Reed situated in Hateno Village. When you meet both of them, you may kick off their mayoral questline, which is a juicy one, to say the least.

How Do You Take Selfies in Tears of the Kingdom?

You want the digital camera Purah Pad characteristic from Robbie in an effort to take selfies. Upon getting it, you may take a selfie of Hyperlink by opening the Digicam characteristic and choosing the button labeled “Self-Portrait”.

What Are The Rarest Assets in Tear of the Kingdom?

Uncommon ore deposits (these with a yellow sparkle) drop the rarest sources within the recreation. Diamond, Sapphire, Amber, Ruby, Topaz, and Flint are among the many rarest sources dropped from these ore deposits.

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