Team Kaiju Closure and Layoffs Confirmed by Tencent, Unannounced AAA Game Canceled

Tencent and  TiMi Studio Group have confirmed to TechRaptor that their AAA studio Team Kaiju has been shut down. 

In a statement provided to TechRaptor, Tencent and its subsidiary TiMi Studio Group confirmed that the studio has been closed and its unannounced game has been canceled. 

As a consequence, many of the developers employed within Kaiju have been moved to other projects within Tencent and TiMI, but “a few” have been laid off. 

The statement also reiterates TiMi’s commitment to creating games for the global audience and to work on other games in North America.

You can read it in its entirety below.,

We can confirm that we have closed Team Kaiju and cancelled the studio’s unannounced game project. As part of this decision, we’ve moved many of our teammates to other projects within Tencent and TiMi and said goodbye to a few talented teammates.

TiMi remains committed to making games for global audiences and will continue to hire and work on our other game projects in North America. We thank every member of Team Kaiju for their effort, passion and professionalism.

If you’re unfamiliar with Team Kaiju, its formation was announced back in 2021, alongside its intention to create an AAA multiplayer first-person shooter.

Back then, studio head and Halo 4 Lead Designer Scott Warner introduced the project with ambitious words, mentioning that Team Kaiju aimed to create “something new, something players haven’t seen before, at a blockbuster scale.”

Unfortunately, the game won’t ever see the light of day.

TiMi is also well known for some of its games released in the West, including Call of Duty Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Pokemon Unite.

Tencent probably doesn’t need an introduction, but the giant from China is involved with many developers from all over the world, including Remedy Entertainment, Techland, FromSoftware, 1C Entertainment, and many more.