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Some Tanorians are understandably stronger than others, but what about their Types? This Tales of Tanorio Type Tier List sheds some light on which Typs you should be adding to your party.

To learn more, visit the Tales of Tanorio Roblox page. For more rankings, we have a Tales of Tanorio Mount Tier List! If you’re just starting, take a look at our Tales of Tanorio Route 1 Tanarions guide to get familiar with which Tanorians you’ll come across.

Tales of Tanorio Type Tier List

Want to know which Types are the best to focus on obtaining for an ultra-powerful team?

S Tier

The best Types in the monster-catching game! Any Tanorian that uses abilities of these Types are strong against opponents, and deal high amounts of damage – just make sure they’re weak or neutral to them and not resistant!

  • Light
  • Metal
  • Fairy
  • Fire
  • Cosmic

A Tier

These Types are great in battle, so you should make sure you have plenty of Tanorians that use them. Plus, the passive abilities that some of these Tanorian Types have are pretty useful!

B Tier

The Types in this tier can be described as fairly decent. They’re good, but they’re not game-breaking.

  • Ghost
  • Poison
  • Gem
  • Dragon
  • Psychic

C Tier

Not the strongest Types, but if you find them cute, go for it! Just don’t head in thinking they’re gonna blast through enemies.

D Tier

Weak Types that I can’t say are my favourite.

About Tales of Tanorio

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox game based heavily on the Pokemon franchise. Each Tanorian has a unique design, with inspiring evolutions, and a range of different Types. Prefer Ghost Types? It has them! Or do you like Grass Types? Look in the bushes! With shiny hunting, community-based route buffs, and mounts, Tales of Tanorio is the place to be for Pokemon fans alike.