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By the time you reach Route 2 in Tales of Tanorio, you’re used to the game’s mechanics and your adventure is in full swing. In this Tales of Tanorio Route 2 Tanorians guide, we’ll break down all the new creatures you can find on the Route, and discuss which are worth a spot on your team.

If you have fond memories of collecting Pokemon in your youth, then Tales of Tanorio is the Roblox game for you. It features all the hallmarks of the monster catching genre, including a cast of cute critters to capture, and a series of tough Trainers to test your mettle. Route 2 is an early location in the game, but it features some seriously powerful Tanorians. In this guide, we’ll take you through it.

You can check out Tales of Tanorio in Roblox right now. If you’re just starting your journey, our Tales of Tanorio Route 1 Tanorians guide can help. For more advanced players, our Tales of Tanorio Gym 2 guide can help you through the game’s second major battle.

All Tales Of Tanorio Route 2 Tanorians

Before we get into the guide proper, it’s worth noting that Route 2 is also known as Prelude Plains. You may see it referred to as such online or in-game, but in this guide we’ll just be calling it Route 2.

Route 2 has a nice range of Tanorians to catch, many of which can make great additions to your early-game team. Here’s a full list of what’s available.

  • Calypillar
    • Type – Bug
    • Level Range – 1-6
    • Encounter Rate – 30%
  • Notent
    • Type – Normal
    • Level Range – 1-10
    • Encounter Rate – 30%
  • Eyaspire
    • Type – Air
    • Level Range – 1-10
    • Encounter Rate – 25%
  • Doopy
    • Type – Grass
    • Level Range – 1-10
    • Encounter Rate – 10%
  • Kitweed
    • Type – Grass
    • Level Range – 1-10
    • Encounter Rate – 5%

Which Route 2 Tanorians Should You Catch?

Of the above options, which are the most worth your time? I’d personally recommend Eyaspire. It’s a fantastic early Air type that can evolve at level 18, at which point it can easily sweep the entirety of Tales of Tanorio Gym 1 for you. It also becomes an Air/Fighting type once fully evolved, giving it excellent coverage in many situations.

I’d also recommend Kitweed. This is the first stage of the game’s only Pseudo-Legendary Tanorian, and it becomes one of the most powerful options in the game later on. It’s a Grass type that becomes Grass/Light once it evolves into Dandylion at level 40. I will add that Kitweed is very rare on this Route, so if you can hang on until Route 4 you’ll have a much easier time of catching one. That said, if you get lucky and run into one, absolutely catch a Kitweed if you can.