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Picked Rabush as your starter? You’ll need our Tales of Tanorio Rabush Evolution guide then! The aim of the game is to learn more about Tanorian evolutions, so you might as focus on evolving your first as you go along.

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox game based heavily on the Pokemon franchise. Each Tanorian has a unique design, with inspiring evolutions, and a range of different Types. Prefer Ghost Types? It has them! Or do you like Grass Types? Look in the bushes! With shiny hunting, community-based route buffs, and mounts, Tales of Tanorio is the place to be for Pokemon fans alike.

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Tales of Tanorio Rabush Evolution

So, like me, Rabush is your starter! Or you managed to find one in the wild. Either way, we’re all here for the same thing – to evolve the cute critter. Rabush, if you couldn’t tell from its appearance and name, is based on a rabbit. It’s a Grass Type Tanorian and starts evolving once it reaches level 16! It has a 50/50 chance of being Male or Female, making it ideal for Tanorian breeding (if that gets added to the game).

How to Evolve Rabush

The most important part of any Pokemon-like game is the evolution! Rabush can evolve from level 16 onwards, so let’s take a look at how you can evolve the starter.


To obtain Lunare, you need to get Rabush to level 16. Unsurprisingly, it’s a Grass Type Tanorian, but it’s able to wield a lot more moves compared to the Rabush. If you’re trying to get to level 16 with your Rabush for Lunare, I recommend using Rabush as much as possible in battles.

For every battle, your team earns EXP, with some Tanorians earning more than others. This is the case if they were able to deal more attacks than any of the others in the team. Try to encounter as many Tanorians as possible as you explore to quickly level your Rabush. Additionally, completing dungeons and ‘gyms’ in Tales of Tanorio will grant your Tanorians an exceptional amount of EXP.


Lunare evolves into Guardemis once it reaches level 36. This evolution is the last one for Rabush! It’s one of my favourite Tanorians visually, as it gets a flashy galaxy theme, which actually ties into its Type. Guardemis is a Grass Type, but it’s also a Cosmic type.

Rabush Special Ability

The special ability that Rabush wields is Pollination. This is an ability that reflects back to your opponent, but only if they attack you with an attack of the same Type. For instance, if you’re using the Grass Type Rabush, it’s able to use Pollination to utilise that damage from a Grass Type move and then transfer it into its own Grass Type attack.

How to Obtain Rabush

If you don’t have Rabush yet, you can obtain it towards the start of the game when you visit the Tanaku Research Corporation building. As Rabush is one of the three Tanorians available for your starter, you can select Rabush if you wish!

If you chose one of the other starters, don’t fret, you can still obtain Rabush later on. I wrote up a guide detailing how to get all starters in Tales of Tanoria if you want to learn more about it! However, I’ll quickly go over it here. You, or someone else on the route, need to use a Conservation Incense to spawn in starter Tanorians!