Talented Minecraft Player is Recreating Geometry Dash Using Only Redstone


  • A talented Minecraft player has recreated Geometry Dash using only redstone, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of the Minecraft community.
  • The player’s project, called Geometry Craft, includes a level editor, map display, and a planned system to increase FPS, demonstrating their dedication to creating a fully immersive experience.
  • Redstone is a versatile resource in Minecraft that allows players to create various projects beyond Geometry Craft, highlighting the endless possibilities and potential for innovation in the game.

A talented Minecraft player has recreated Geometry Dash using only redstone. Every day, Minecraft players use the sandbox’s resources to bring to life a slew of ideas that make this one of the most creative communities in gaming.

An ally for Minecraft players to exercise their creativity is redstone, a mineral used in awesome creations such as a blocky version of Geometry Dash. Released in 2013, in Geometry Dash players navigate through different levels to the sound of music, and move in rhythm to avoid colliding with obstacles, otherwise they’ll have to go back to the beginning. Geometry Dash is known as a game too difficult for children, while Minecraft is extremely popular with younger audiences. Although they seem like opposites, one Minecraft player mixed the two in an ambitious project.


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Reddit user CraftyMasterman has recreated Geometry Dash in Minecraft using only redstone. In the shared video, they show an early version of the Geometry Dash level editor, which players use to create their levels and share with the community. In the comments, the player gave more information about their impressive project, saying that everything is being made in vanilla Minecraft and that they aren’t using any commands or mods. They also explained that levels can be nine blocks high and 1,298 blocks long, and that the final version will have a script to convert the levels from the Geometry Dash editor into schematics usable in Minecraft. According to the player, the next step is to include the Geometry Dash collision system. Cup and ship modes will also be available in the future, bringing all the difficulty of Geometry Dash to this blocky version.

That isn’t the first time CraftyMasterman has shown the Minecraft community their impressive project. Previously, the player shared details saying this recreation is called Geometry Craft and that it will use maps as the display, allowing the use of every kind of color. Their work will also include a system to increase the FPS of a Minecraft map, something that worried other players because of the potential lag that Geometry Craft could suffer from using maps instead of redstone lamp displays. On YouTube, they published a video showcasing the development, showing how patient players are in bringing impressive ideas to life in Minecraft.

Redstone is a key component for Minecraft players to create projects beyond Geometry Craft, ranging from automated portals to a giant version of classic games. With so much that can be done in Minecraft using redstone, players wait for the day when Mojang will use this mechanic to develop a Minecraft spinoff to bring a whole new experience.

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November 18, 2011