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Struggling to know which skills to use? Have a nosey at our Swordburst 3 skills tier list! Every skill in the RPG has been ranked from S-tier to D-tier in terms of how they perform in combat.

Swordburst 3 is an explosive open-world experience on Roblox. It’s basically an RPG, with deep dungeons, and plenty of treasure to find. There are bosses to go up against, which you can fight alongside your allies, and rare equipment to collect as a reward. Your task is to upgrade your character so they can take on the most difficult of tasks in the game!

Visit the game’s Roblox page to test out some skills. We also have a Swordburst 3 Tier List that ranks each weapon, and a Swordburst 3 Codes guide for some freebies!

Swordburst 3 Skills Tier List

With all of these skills to utilise in Swordburst 3, which ones are the best? The rankings below are taken from my own experience and the general consensus of players.

Keep in mind that if a certain skill works for you, then that’s okay! Remember to bookmark this page to keep up to date with the latest skills in the game!

S Tier

The best skills to unlock and utilise in Swordburst 3.

  • Regeneration
  • Swordstorm Chain
  • Cursed Enchantment
  • Vampiric Rage
  • Beam Rush
  • Summon Tree

A Tier

Some of my favourite skills to use in the game! They’re a little weaker than S-tier skills, but they’re worth keeping in your arsenal.

  • Venom Strike
  • Flurry
  • Thunder Strike
  • Heal
  • Spirit Dash
  • Blocking
  • Everfrost Strike
  • Infinity Slash

B Tier

If you use these skills alongside A-tier and S-tier characters, they’ll be fine! However, if you rely on them, good luck.

  • Energy Cleave
  • Whirlwind Spin
  • Meteor Shot
  • Piercing Dash
  • Summon Pistol
  • Leaping Slash

C Tier

I’m not a fan of these skills.

D Tier

The worst skills to use in battle in Swordburst 3.