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The Swordburst 3 map is already pretty expansive! With more floors planned to be added to the game, let’s take a look at the areas that you can explore right now.

Swordburst 3 is an explosive open-world experience on Roblox. It’s basically an RPG, with deep dungeons, and plenty of treasure to find. There are bosses to go up against, which you can fight alongside your allies, and rare equipment to collect as a reward. Your task is to upgrade your character so they can take on the most difficult of tasks in the game!

Play the game now via the official Roblox page! I’ve been loving Swordburst 3, so I’ve already cooked up a few guides. Take a look at our Swordburst 3 How to Craft guide and our Swordburst 3 Shops guide.

Swordburst 3 Map

There are 2 floors to progress through in Swordburst 3 right now, with Floor 3 in the works. Each floor has a variety of mobs and bosses to battle against, as well as a wide range of quest-giver NPCs and shops.

New Arcadia

New Arcadia is a floor that has a selection of places to visit.

Cafe of Beginnings

North of the main teleport area.

  • Cafe Boss NPC
  • Lutist Gio NPC

Cooking Station

Found to the right of the main teleport spot.

  • Cook food here from a range of recipes
    • HP regen, stamina regen, buffs
  • Not in the game at this current time!

Warrior’s Hall

Found to the northeast of the main teleport area (located behind the Blacksmith Shop).

Blacksmith Shop

North East of the main teleport area.

  • Purchase weapons and armor here at the shop owned by Forgemaste Nophen
  • Upgrade anvil
  • Enchantment station

PvP Arena

To the northwest of the teleport area – you need to walk through a castle gate!

  • Take part in PvP combat
  • Huntress Beatrice NPC

Floor 1 Gemstone Woodlands

The first floor in Swordburst 3.

  • Grass Plains 1
    • A variety of low-level mobs (Razor Boars)
    • Beginner Trainer NPC for quests
  • Beach
    • Tortoise mobs
    • Miner Ichigo NPC for quests
      • Complete his quest to unblock the way through the cavern to Grass Plains 2
  • Grass Plains 2
    • Found after removing the boulders at the Beach
    • Wolf mobs
    • Merchant Shop
    • Merchant Steve NPC for quests
  • Forest
    • Huntress Lyra NPC for quests
    • Bear Camp Shop
    • Brown Bear mobs
    • Hagan miniboss
    • Rock Golem mobs
      • Found by venturing further into the woods
    • Miner Sakura NPC for level 9+ quests
  • Crystal Caves
    • Fred NPC for level 12 main quest
    • Crystal Boar mobs
    • Amethyst
    • Galiard miniboss
  • Cherry Blossoms
    • Sakura Moose mobs
    • Blossom NPC for level 15 quest
    • Leads to the Dungeon Tower
  • Floor 1 Dungeon Tower
    • Alpha Adventurer NPC stands outside the tower by a teleportation crystal
      • They offer you a level 20 quest, and once completed, they allow you to enter the dungeon tower
      • As you progress through the tower, Alpha Adventurer will appear again to give you level 22+ quests. Complete the level 23 main quest to unlock the room where the boss resides!
    • Amber NPC for level 20 quests
    • Soldier Boar mobs
    • Basilisk mobs
    • Aquamarine
    • Elron the Frenzy Lord boss
      • Defeat this boss to unlock Floor 2 Redveil Valley

Floor 2 Redveil Valley

Congratulations, you’ve unlocked floor 2!

  • First Area (Spawn)
    • Fire Wasp mobs
    • Elain NPC for quests
    • Head down the path to find Jersey’s Shop and Ember Jaguar mobs
      • Jersey also gives you quests!
      • Continue down the path to find the Roaring Ogre miniboss
    • Left of the forked pathway
      • Azriel NPC for quests
      • Laca Basilisk mobs
  • Floor 2 Cave
    • Kira NPC for quests
    • Skeleton Bear mobs
    • Erebus boss lair
    • Continue down the main pathway to find Tyler’s shop
      • Tyler NPC will also give you some quests!
    • Fiery Moose mobs
    • Lava Golem mobs
    • Yenn’s Shop
      • Yenn NPC gives you quests too
    • Further down the main pathway in the cave leads you to the Phoenix mobs
  • Area Outside the Cave
    • Walking past the Phoenix mob spawns leads you to an outside area (finally!)
    • Serathen NPC gives you level 38+ quests
      • Complete the level 40 main quest to unlock the Floor 2 Dungeon
  • Floor 2 Dungeon Tower
    • Judas NPC gives quests
    • Fire Imp mobs
    • Hell Hound mobs
    • Serathen appears again once you have progressed through the dungeon and gives you a side quest and main quest
      • Completing the main quest unlocks the Floor 2 boss room
    • Floor 2 boss room
      • This is where Pathos the Fire Lord is!
      • Beating Pathos unlocks Floor 3