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If you’re searching for a Swordburst 3 How to Craft guide, you’ve found it! I’ve compiled every crafting material, recipe, and more into a neat package.

Swordburst 3 is an explosive open-world experience on Roblox. It’s basically an RPG, with deep dungeons, and plenty of treasure to find. There are bosses to go up against, which you can fight alongside your allies, and rare equipment to collect as a reward. Your task is to upgrade your character so they can take on the most difficult of tasks in the game!

Learn more about the game by visiting its Roblox page! Before heading off, why not have a look at our Swordburst 3 Shops guide which lists every item you can purchase or our Swordburst 3 Upgrade Ores guide?

Swordburst 3 How to Craft

Crafting in Swordburst 3 is pretty straightforward so far! The process could change over time with future game updates, which is where this guide comes in. I’ll keep this page up to date with all of the latest crafting information, so remember to bookmark this guide!

Crafting Materials

First, let’s look at the crafting materials you need to collect and where you can obtain them.

Gemstone Woodlands

  • Boar Tusk
  • Wolf Tooth
  • Basilisk Scale
  • Living Core
  • Tortoise Shell
  • Sakura Antler
    • Dropped by Thunder Sakura Moose
  • Bear Claw
  • Crystal Tusk

Redveil Valley

  • Wasp Stinger
  • Molten Scale
    • Dropped by Lava Basilisks
  • Phoenix Feathers
  • Infernal Antler
  • Jaguar Pelt
  • Bear Bones
    • Dropped by Skeleton Bears
  • Hell Tail
  • Molten Core

How to Craft in Swordburst 3

The only way to ‘craft’ in Swordburst 3 right now is by talking to a Mount Tamer NPC. You need the crafting materials above to unlock specific mounts, alongside some extra Vel. Click on the mounts you want to see the crafting recipe for each one. I’ll put the recipes down below in this guide too!

Crafting Recipes

Crafting recipes fall under specific rarity categories! Uncommon, Rare, and Epic items are available to craft at this current time.

Uncommon Crafted Items
  • Razor Boar Mount (Uncommon)
  • Ember Jaguar Mount (Uncommon)
  • Brown Bear Mount (Uncommon)
  • Tortoise Mount (Uncommon)
    • 10 Tortoise Shells
    • 2.5K Vel
  • Wolf Mount (Uncommon)
  • Fire Wasp Mount (Uncommon)
Rare Crafted Items
  • Magma Golem Mount (Rare)
  • Fiery Moose Mount (Rare)
    • 15 Infernal Antlers
    • 2.5K Vel
  • Skeleton Bear Mount (Rare)
  • Basilisk Mount (Rare)
    • 10 Basilisk Scales
    • 2.5K Vel
  • Lava Basilisk Mount (Rare)
  • Sakura Moose Mount (Rare)
    • 10 Sakura Antlers
    • 2.5K Vel
  • Rock Golem Mount (Rare)
Epic Crafted Items
  • Hell Hound Mount (Epic)
  • Crystal Boar (Epic)
  • Phoenix Mount (Epic)
    • 20 Phoenix Feathers
    • 2.5K Vel