Survival Game With ‘Very Positive’ Reviews Is a PS5 Console Exclusive


  • V Rising will leave early access on May 8.
  • Its full-fledged release on PC will be followed by a PS5 port, which is planned to debut later in 2024.
  • The survival ARPG sold over 3.9 million copies and amassed nearly 70,000 “Very Positive” Steam reviews during its early access period.

V Rising will leave early access on May 8, developer Stunlock Studios has announced, all the while reiterating its plans to bring the game to the PlayStation 5. While V Rising was already confirmed as a PS5 console exclusive, its port for Sony’s current-generation system is still waiting for an official release date.

The PC version of Stunlock Studios’ survival ARPG originally reached early access in May 2022. V Rising didn’t take long to establish itself as a major hit, with the Swedish developer previously revealing that the game sold more than 3.9 million copies as of February 2024. Its player reception has also been nothing short of stellar, as illustrated by the fact that V Rising presently boasts over 68,000 “Very Positive” reviews on Steam. The RPG managed to maintain its early momentum throughout its second year of early access, having found itself on the list of Steam’s most played games in 2023.


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Its preview period is now officially coming to a close, as Stunlock Studios just treated V Rising to a release date, May 8. That date only applies to the PC version of the game, while the recently announced PS5 port of V Rising is still pending more concrete availability details beyond “2024.” The newly debuted release date trailer for the survival RPG showcased some stylish new cinematics and reiterated the game’s status as a PS5 console exclusive. Whether its console exclusivity is meant to be timed or permanent is unclear.

In the meantime, Stunlock Studios has shared an overview of what fans can expect from the game’s upcoming 1.0 release. The developer hence confirmed that the May update will introduce a new V Rising location in the form of The Ruins of Mortium, which is described as an endgame area with plenty of deadly perils to survive. A final chapter promising a conclusion to the RPG’s story will also be part of the package, as will some dynamic endgame events, new V Blood bosses, and one additional enemy type.

V Rising PS5 Port Still Has Some Questions to Answer

The 1.0 version of the game will also introduce full-fledged controller support, presumably in preparation for the RPG’s PS5 release. The V Rising PlayStation Store page doesn’t mention anything in the way of support for DualSense-specific features like haptic feedback. Another unknown is the price tag that Stunlock Studios plans to attach to the PS5 edition of its survival ARPG. The early access version normally retails at $19.99 on Steam, and is currently even available at 20% off, with that offer being live until March 21. But it’s not uncommon for games to raise their prices after leaving early access.

And while those questions are still waiting to be answered, what’s clear already is that the PS5 port will include all of the V Rising content that’s been added to the game since its 2022 debut, with Stunlock Studios recently confirming as much. The PlayStation version of the RPG is being co-developed with assistance from Auroch Digital, a British studio with 11 other titles to its name, the last of which debuted in 2023 in the form of Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun.

V Rising Update 1.0 Patch Notes Overview

  • Explore a new deadly endgame zone: The Ruins of Mortium!
  • A final chapter to cap off your Vampire journey!
  • Dynamic endgame events!
  • A new breed of foe, and new V Blood bosses!
  • New weapons, A new tier of equipment, and magic improvements!
  • Improvements to castle building, decor, and storage!
  • Native, smoothly implemented gamepad support!
  • Game optimization, visual improvements, and an all-around smoother experience!

V Rising

V Rising

In Stunlock Studios’ V Rising, players take on the role of a vampire rising from his slumber. Survival is key as players explore V Rising’s open world where they can discover villages, craft items, combat fantastical creatures and bandits, and find other secrets to aid them on their journey.

May 17, 2022

Stunlock Studios

Stunlock Studios


T For Teen due to Blood, Violence

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