Super Mario Run Added Wonder Flowers For A Limited Time

Wonder Flowers have invaded the world of Super Mario Run. These whimsical blooms come straight from the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game for Nintendo Switch. It seems to be a sort of collaboration between the two. This is only being offered for a limited time alongside challenges and rewards.

This new Nintendo event will last until March 14, 2024. First, you must collect coins to fill your Toad Rally gauge. Once full, it will cause a Wonder Flower to sprout, and all of the golden coins will transform into Gold Goombas. You can defeat these new Goombas with a tap, earning stamps for your collection over time.

According to the blog post from Nintendo, if you rack up 50 Gold Goomba stomps and you’ll get a single stamp. With 20 stamps, you’ll unlock rewards like a Gold Goomba Statue, a Big Gold Goomba Statue, or charming buildings to embellish your Kingdom Builder.

For those who haven’t played, Super Mario Run is a free-to-play mobile game that puts a twist on classic Mario platforming. With one-handed controls, you tap to keep the plumber sprinting forward, but you also need to jump, do midair spins, and scale walls to get through courses. You can unlock charming characters like Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Peach, each with unique abilities.

I like the game, and I know many who still play it. If you’re interested, now is the perfect time to try Super Mario Run. This is especially true if you played Super Mario Bros. Wonder because the event is a collaboration between the two.