September 25, 2023

Anomaly Collapse, an upcoming turn-based strategy roguelite about animal warriors from developer RocketPunch Games and publisher Spiral Up Games, has just been announced with a new trailer. It features both cinematics and gameplay, setting up the world and key mechanics.

Anomaly Collapse has not confirmed a release date yet, and it will be available on PC via Steam. You can watch today’s official announcement trailer on the Spiral Up Games YouTube channel:

Spiral Up Games has published a series of compelling indies, including the survival sim Pathless Woods, which ran a global playtest just last month, and Wandering Sword, a martial-arts RPG that launched last week.

It seems their newest title will be another equally hidden gem, as Anomaly Collapse has a terrific sense of humor and thoughtful lore with an overarching strangeness. Today’s trailer takes the form of a questionable media report, which is a great way to create contrast with some pretty amusing and interesting visuals.

Anomaly Collapse already has some gameplay available on Itch, but it still would’ve been nice to see more gameplay in the announcement footage. The game’s official Steam page goes into better detail about the “1D battlefield”, a grid-based system that limits player movement but encourages you to get creative.

Additionally, the battlefield will frequently change, forcing players to adapt quickly, which naturally compensates for the simple 1D approach. It’s probably akin to Inkulinati, another turn-based strategy game which launched earlier this year.

The Steam page also mentions there are hundreds of “abnormalities”, artifacts that allow players to adjust their active or passive abilities. This would present an unusual array of combat styles, particularly for an indie.

There’s currently no word on support for other platforms, but this would be an incredible mobile experience, so hopefully it’ll come to the Nintendo Switch sometime.

You can read more about Anomaly Collapse, Spiral Up Games, and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section.

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