Strange Horticulture devs announce how the game has been optimized for mobile ahead of launch

The mobile version features a more readable font and wide dialog boxes.

  • Bad Vikings has simplified the level layout for mobile.
  • The mobile version includes an auto-labeling feature for your plants.
  • A new simplistic font makes reading dialogue much easier.

The puzzle game Strange Horticulture is coming soon to mobile devices. The game launched on Steam in 2022, and ID Games, Bad Vikings and Iceberg Interactive have worked diligently to optimize the game for mobile. The mobile version of Strange Horticulture features a more mobile-friendly layout, which developers made less complex by hiding non-essential elements within menus.

Developer Bad Vikings has gone the extra mile to make the mobile version of Strange Horticulture accessible to all. They’ve introduced a simplified font variation, sacrificing style for readability. Additionally, the mobile version features a wide-view dialogue box that fills the screen, ensuring that you won’t miss a single word of the characters’ conversations.

Strange Horticulture will also cater to the mobile gaming experience by allowing you to navigate between your plants in two ways by either tapping or swiping. The upcoming mobile version also includes new performance settings which allow you to choose between low, medium and high-level graphics. Further, you can choose to limit the frame rate to 30 frames per second to enhance performance.

Most of us can’t just look at a plant and instantly know what it is. That’s why Bad Vikings is including an auto-labelling feature to help you differentiate your various flora from one another. You can even select the colour of the plant’s tag to make it easier for you to distinguish. And perhaps most exciting, Strange Horticulture lets you pet your adorable cat.

The developer also acknowledges that story-driven titles are more immersive when played in your native language. Because of this, the game can be played in 15 different languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Strange Horticulture launches on the App Store and Google Play on March 26th for $4.99. To learn more about this horticultural puzzler, visit the game’s official website or follow developer Bad Vikings on Facebook or X (Twitter).