Stellar Blade Demo for PS5 Released and Immediately Removed From the PlayStation Store [UPDATED]

If you want to try Shift Up’s much-discussed action game Stellar Blade before it’s released now you can as a free demo has been released on the PlayStation Store.

Update: the demo has been removed shortly after appearing on the PlayStation Store. Apparently, someone at Sony pressed a button too early. 

You can read the original article below. At least now we know that a demo exists and is likely coming soon.

The demo, which can be downloaded right now from the PlayStation Store, provides an early look at what the game has to offer. 

Do keep in mind that it’s a fairly weighty download, and will require 16.17 GB of your bandwidth.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stellar Blade, it’s an action hack and slash game announced by developer Shift Up back in 2019 with the working title “Project EVE.”

The game was supposed to come out in 2023, but it was delayed to this year as Shift Up signed a publishing deal with PlayStation for its worldwide launch.

It tells the story of Eve as she arrives on a ruined Earth to save humanity and reclaim the planet from the Naytiba who have devastated it. Yet, things may not be as simple as they appear, as it often happens in this kind of game. 

If you detect some NieR: Automata vibes from the game’s visuals and plot, I promise you’re not the only one. 

Stellar Blade fully releases for PS5 on April 26, 2024. If you’d like, you can pre-order a copy on Amazon. If you want to see more of the game, you can check out a recent trailer.

The name Shift Up may not be completely familiar among console gamers, but the studio is well known among mobile fans. It has developed big hits like Destiny Child and more recently, Goddess of Victory NIKKE, which was actually announced at the same time as Project EVE. 

The studio is led by talented artist Hyung-tae Kim, known for the character design of games like Magna Carta and Blade & Souls.

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