Stellar Blade by Goddess of Victory: Nikke Developer Unsurprisingly Delayed to 2024

Upcoming action-adventure title Stellar Blade has, rather unsurprisingly, been delayed. It’s now arriving sometime in 2024.

This news comes via a new PlayStation Blog post, which looks ahead to some of the games arriving on PlayStation consoles in the new year.

Stellar Blade is listed as one of those games, and it’s now sporting a 2024 release window, which means that it will predictably miss its originally-slated 2023 release.

Stellar Blade won’t be making that 2023 release window after all.

Technically speaking, Sony and Shift Up haven’t actually announced this move as a delay; they’ve just quietly “shifted” (ahem) the release window to next year.

Still, given that no release date was forthcoming as late as November, when Shift Up signed an official publishing deal with Sony for Stellar Blade, the delay isn’t surprising.

If you’re not familiar with Stellar Blade, you may know it better as Project Eve, the original title under which it was announced all the way back in April 2019.

It’s the next game from the developers of free-to-play mobile gacha game Goddess of Victory: Nikke, which celebrated its first anniversary with new story content and characters earlier this year.

Key art depicting several characters from Goddess of Victory: Nikke in a ruined city
Stellar Blade developer Shift Up is also responsible for mobile gacha game Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

Unlike Nikke, however, Stellar Blade won’t be a free-to-play game, and it also won’t appear on mobile devices.

Rather, it’s a PlayStation 5-exclusive action-adventure game that will feature “stunning visuals and a mature narrative”, according to Sony, as well as “sharp action”.

The game will see players taking control of Eve as she battles an invading alien force known as the Naytibas, which is threatening to overwhelm Earth.

As well as fighting the Naytibas, you’ll also be exploring your environment to look for secrets and unlockables, and to do so, you’ll have access to a wide range of moves including rope-swinging, wall-climbing, and more.

We’ll likely learn more about Stellar Blade as we move into 2024, so stay tuned for more info on this promising-looking project.