Steam Passes Record-Breaking 34.6 Million Concurrent Users

Steam has been at the center of the PC gaming scene for pretty much as long as it has been around, and though competitors have certainly emerged over the years, Steam’s own position has only grown stronger as time has gone on. That continues to be the case even now, with the platform having set another record for itself.

As per SteamDB, Steam had 34,649,583 concurrent users roughly two hours ago, at the time of writing, of which over 11.1 million users were playing a game (with the others using the app outside of a game). That’s the highest ever concurrent user count the platform has seen to date, breaking its previous record of over 33.6 million concurrent users, which was set earlier this year, in January.

Hitting a new peak in March is certainly unusual for the platform – it usually receives a boost in December and January thanks to its Winter sales – which makes the milestone all the more notable.