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The stage is set for even more intense combat in Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin. Dropped into a period of turmoil in ancient Japan, it will be up to the players to do their part in determining the future of the country, whether it be through their martial prowess or smart manipulation of the various factions at play.

While having a sharp blade will always help when conflict arises, there are also other methods to make the enemy submit to your will. The clever warrior will make use of all the tools at their disposal, so to help you fight smart, here’s a guide to all the Status Ailmentsin Rise of the Ronin and how best to use or defend against them.


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All Status Ailments in Rise of the Ronin

In total, there are five major Status Ailments that players should look out for. Each causes a different effect and can complement each other when it comes to dealing increased damage to the opponent during Rise of the Ronin‘s combat.


All Status Ailments in Rise of the Ronin Burn Flaming Whetstone

Filling up the Burn meter on an opponent will see their bodies being consumed by flames. Characters afflicted with this Status Ailment will receive continuous damage for as long as the status lasts. For the duration of the effect, they will be in a panicked state as well, making it easier to deal high damage to them using Martial Arts or combos.

This can be caused by flaming arrows, explosive barrels, or using a flaming whetstone to add the effect to your equipped weapon. Deflecting bullets will also cause your weapons to be ablaze, so use that to your advantage to punish the enemy. For players who find themselves burning up, dodging and rolling will dramatically reduce the duration of the Burn effect. Just make sure you have enough Ki to do so without becoming helpless in combat.


The dangerous green stuff lives up to its name, poisoning its target and causing continuous damage that cannot be remedied by anything other than an antidote or the Panacea item. Panicking throughout the entire duration of the Status Ailment doesn’t help either, so make sure to press the advantage against such enemies.

Using a poisonous whetstone will allow players to poison enemies with every hit, and should there be green pots lying around, avoid them or use the Grappling Hook to swing them toward opponents to coat them in poison.


All Status Ailments in Rise of the Ronin Paralysis

Paralysis is a great Status Ailment to bestow on enemies and a bad one to suffer from. It causes characters to have their stance significantly broken, which causes temporary immobility. This opens them up to a Critical Hit, and they will have a reduced Ki recovery rate throughout the entire duration while electricity runs through their body.

Thankfully, only the use of the corresponding whetstone can cause such an effect on weapons, so try to avoid enemies with such an advantage or make the most of it yourself when facing tougher foes. If you have co-op partners or allies along for the ride, a paralyzed enemy can be eliminated very quickly with focused attacks.


As a sister Status Ailment to Burn, it should be no surprise that any character suffering from this will receive significantly more damage from fire-element attacks, however minor they may be. With enough hits, this will also transition into the full-blown Burn status. If you spot oil barrels or the like, leverage them and the Burn Status Ailment to deal extra damage.


With the exception of the Flammable Status Ailment, a lethal combination of two or more other Status Ailments will cause a target to become Dizzy. Characters afflicted with this status will see their combat style instantly put at a disadvantage, together with continuous Ki damage. This makes their Counterspark parries inefficient, and being panicked means each hit deals more damage than under normal circumstances.

As such, it is always better to cause enemies to become Dizzy instead of the other way around, so pop that
Panacea pill
if you ever find yourself suffering from the Status Ailment. Otherwise, a swift death may await.

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March 22, 2024

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