September 24, 2023

Starfield already has a wide range of mods available, yet many of them are limited. Nevertheless, it’s impressive, as always, from the modding community. Yet this is because Starfield lacks a key feature: official modding support, aka Bethesda’s Creation Kit. The release of Creation Kit 2, built for Starfield’s engine, will enable modders to add new content.

The good news? It’s in the works. The bad news? It’s not being released until 2024.

When is Official Bethesda Creation Kit for Mod Support being released for Starfield?

Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently mentioned in an interview with Famitsu that Starfield will get its official mod support in 2024. This support will be in the form of Creation Kit 2. Once it’s released, Xbox players can also expect mods for Starfield, marking a big achievement for the game.

Even before the official support, modders can still play around with Starfield. But it’s best to wait for Creation Kit 2 for seamless modding. Historically, Bethesda releases its Creation Kits a few months after the game’s launch. For instance, Skyrim’s Creation Kit was released a few months after its game, and the same went for Fallout 4. So, if we go by Bethesda’s track record, Starfield’s Creation Kit 2 might be launched in early 2024. We’re going to speculate February/March 2024.

Image: Bethesda

The modding community for Starfield is waiting for Creation Kit 2 for more advanced mods. However, there’s no shortage currently. There’s a vast range of Starfield mods already available. Some argue that certain mods, like adjusting Starfield’s FOV (field of vision), should have been a standard feature. Many mods, from adding easy lockpicking to Nvidia’s DLSS support with frame generation support, are present. For many games, this would seem overwhelming, but being a Bethesda Game Studios game, Starfield’s current mod situation seems like just the beginning.

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