October 3, 2023

A Bethesda game wouldn’t be complete without a colorful set of companions to choose from and Starfield offers just that. However, it appears fans aren’t quite satisfied with the personalities of these prominent NPCs as some have labeled them “straight edge losers” after finding out that they often protest against every misdeed that you get up to in-game. Because of this, some players are now asking for the addition of “evil teammates,” so they won’t have to deal with goody two shoes partners anymore.

Although all Starfield companions come equipped with their own unique behaviors and tendencies, most of them are inherently good, meaning that any wrongdoing you get up to will instantly be met with disapproval. Take one Twitter user, for example, who is now asking Bethesda for the addition of “a token evil teammate” instead of the spoilsport characters that judge you for every tiny misdemeanor you commit.

Aside from complaining about the lack of evil allies in the game, though, the same player also included a collage of condemnatory comments and reactions from a companion named Andreja, which further enforces the notion that most of the partners you can have in-game are sticks-in-the-mud. Unsurprisingly, this post has since resonated with more members of the Starfield community as evidenced by the claims under a specific Reddit post.

One player claimed to have “ditched those losers” already just so they could attempt more “sneaky stuff” during their interplanetary adventure. Some, on the other hand, are simply opting to go with less judgmental companions during their playthroughs instead like Vasco and the Adoring Fan. But with the former merely being a sentient robot and the latter a well-meaning, yet obsessive stalker, both of these options aren’t exactly ideal when pirating your way through the Settled Systems.

Alas, with no other sinister alternatives to help you on your chaotic run through the Settled Systems, here’s hoping Bethesda introduces more corrupt companions once the Starfield Shattered Space story expansion release date rolls around. If you’re simply looking for more help on the game, though, check out our guides on how to wait in Starfield and how to smuggle contraband in Starfield instead.

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