September 24, 2023

Now Starfield is out in the wild, attention is already turning to when we can expect the game’s first full patch, but in the meantime, players are finding plenty of entertainment in the bugs.

No one expected a Bethesda launch to be entirely bug free, and while it seems that Starfield is less buggy than most, there’s still been a few hilarious instances of unexpected glitches, bugs and more that have made folks Starfield experience that little bit more comedic. While waiting for Starfield’s next patch, players are amusing themselves watching NPCs being interrupted when locked in conversation with the player.

A tweet from a user known as MJ Hernandez has them in conversation with one Private Mahoney. All seems to be pleasant, until the accompanying Vasco chimes in, presumably having seen an enemy. It’s only as the robot’s fist comes flying into frame and taking out the hapless Mahoney with pin-perfect comedic timing do we realise they’ve for some reason identified the friendly Mahoney as a threat. The moment proved so popular, even Vasco’s own voice actor Jake Green responded to the clip as it went viral thanking them for sharing the moment.

It’s not just punching NPCs either. Bethesda RPGs have long locked you in place while you exchange dialogue with a character, and players are finding other NPCs are interrupting in less violent ways, as welshscott5 discovered as they were ‘casually talking to’ an NPC known as Peter, before a random person just suddenly creeps up into view. “I spent about 5 minutes in uncontrollable laughter.” It’s a popular sentiment, with fellow Starfield fans like Blze001 saying “I will never get tired of hilarious glitches or unintended movements in Bethesda conversations, seems like every game is rife with these moments.”

Turns out conversations aren’t the only place NPCs are turning up unexpectedly either, with this hilarious clip from Will-Powers showing the companion Sarah just casually walking past as the player is mid-dogfight in space. It’s a hilarious visual, and frankly – we reckon Bethesda should leave this one in.

Bethesda haven’t yet said what they intend to work on first with Starfield’s next patch, but the community hope these hilarious bugs will stick around a while longer. For more on the game, check out our Starfield photo mode – how to take incredible photos or our Starfield planets guide – every planet we know about so far. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2023-09-08 

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