Stardew Valley Player Shows Off Incredible Year 55 Farm


  • Stardew Valley player showcases their incredibly detailed farm after 55 in-game years, demonstrating their dedication and commitment to the game.
  • Completing Stardew Valley’s campaign takes over 50 hours on average, but many players enjoy spending hundreds of hours tinkering with their farms and exploring all the game has to offer.
  • With update 1.6 on the horizon, now might be the perfect time for fans to jump back into Stardew Valley with a new or existing farm, as new features and content are on the way.

A dedicated Stardew Valley player is showing off their incredibly detailed farm after 55 in-game years. For context, a single year in Stardew Valley generally takes players more than 20 real-life hours to complete. With that in mind, it’s obvious that the player dedicated a considerable amount of time to their farm.

While the game is never finished, completing Stardew Valleys campaign takes players more than 50 hours on average. Completionists hoping to see everything the game has to offer can look forward to spending hundreds of hours with the cozy farming sim. That said, many players are happy to tinker away at some of the more intricate details of their farm for much longer.


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Reddit user lambocalrissian127 shared an image of their Stardew Valley farm after 55 in-game years. The Stardew Valley fan has posted several progress pictures over the past few months, detailing their farm in different in-game years. At year 55, however, they finally feel as though the farm is finally optimized. However, lambocalrissian127 looks to stay busy until the anticipated release of Stardew Valleys 1.6 update.

At first glance, there’s so much to take in between the giant crops, the various cabins that are used for storage, and the aesthetically pleasing placement of everything in between. Simply growing giant crops in Stardew Valley can be a tedious process, much less getting them to appear in certain areas. The Reddit user estimates this process alone took them roughly 10-15 in-game years. For those looking to get a full tour of the farm, lambocalrissian127 shared a video in the comment section.

While Stardew Valley has its dedicated fans, relatively few stick it out to year 55. Rather, many players like to restart their game and try a completely different farm or romance a new bachelor or bachelorette. With update 1.6 on the way, however, now feels like the right time for fans to jump back in with either a new or existing farm.

While developer ConcernedApe has been rather tight-lipped about most of the content coming in the update, there are still several new features confirmed for Stardew Valley Version 1.6. A new farm type, more festivals, up to 8-player multiplayer, and plenty of new late-game content additions are on the way, as well as plenty of secrets yet to be revealed by ConcernedApe. The one-man development team has been hard at work on the new version, offering updates along the way, but ConcernedApe is also currently working on an entirely new game, Haunted Chocolatier.

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February 26, 2016



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